Second Grade

Second grade teachers for 2022 - 2023 are:  Mrs. Wallerstedt, Mrs. Lucas, Ms. Cruz, Ms. Cummins, Ms. Mannino, Ms. Wromas and Mrs. Farley. The 2nd grade continues to implement Curriculum 2.0.In reading/language arts, students will be reading literary and informational texts. Students will also be writing narratives, informational and opinion pieces.In math, the students will focus on number fluency and place value in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of addition and subtraction.In social studies students will explore geography, culture, technology and leadership.Finally, in science, students will study earth science which includes the study of rocks and soil. We will grow and eat our own salad. In physical science, students will explore the parts of a whole. We will learn about space and the phases of the moon. Finally, we will learn about life cycles and get to raise caterpillars.  Second grade ROCKS!  Math Games and Parent Resources

Mission Statement:

The second grade team at GPES believes that through cooperation, teamwork, respect, flexibility, and persistence, we can encourage students to recognize the balance between strong academic skills and exhibiting good character.  

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