Who to Contact with Questions at Garrett Park ES

Topic Contact Person E-mail Address
Principal  Dan Tucci Daniel_K_Tucci@mcpsmd.org
Assistant Principal  Melanie Bachrach Melanie_S_Bachrach@mcpsmd.org
Administrative Secretary  Wynn Gambrill  Wynn_Gambrill@mcpsmd.org
Morning and Afternoon Announcements  Alison Russ Alison_C_Russ@mcpsmd.org
Attendance Secretary and Registrar Sally Brogan Sally_C_Brogan@mcpsmd.org
Building Maintenance Ines (Carmen) Saravia Ines_D_Saravia@mcpsmd.org
Cafeteria Manager  Nancy Yon Nancy_Yon@mcpsmd.org
Chorus Director Joe Smith Joseph_A_Smith@mcpsmd.org
Clubs Coordinator Melanie Bachrach  Melanie_S_Bachrach@mcpsmd.org
Compacted Math Coordinator Curt Cairns  Curt_B_Cairns@mcpsmd.org
School Counselor  Stacy Dobres
Katrele Carroll
Environmental Committee Chair

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Amy Estrain
Meg Hermstein
Dr. Sandra Duval

Elizabeth Wallerstedt

Gifted and Talented (GT) Coordinator    
Grading and Reporting  Curt Cairns Curt_B_Cairns@mcpsmd.org
Health Room  Sharon White (Health Technician)

Instrumental Music  Erin Shupe Erin_Shupe@mcpsmd.org
Kindergarten Registration  Sally Brogan Sally_C_Brogan@mcpsmd.org
Media Center Specialist Barbara Bickford Barbara_C_Bickford@mcpsmd.org
Musical Theatre Club  Joe Smith Joseph_A_Smith@mcpsmd.org
OASIS Tutor Coordinator Jennifer Rucker Jennifer_L_Rucker@mcpsmd.org

Safety Patrol Sponsors Alison Russ

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports) Committee Chairs Alison Russ

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)  Mrs. Hanita Natelson (President)   hlessen63@gmail.com

School Psychologist  Amanda Hearn Amanda_J_Hearn@mcpsmd.org
Pupil Personnel Worker  Darryl McDuffie Darryl_J_McDuffie@mcpsmd.org
Reading Specialist Jennifer Rucker Jennifer_L_Rucker@mcpsmd.org
Special Education Teachers   Valarie Andres Gr K-2
Marni Ollinger Gr 3-5
504 Coordinator Stacy Dobres  Stacy_K_Dobres@mcpsmd.org
Speech Pathologist   Lisa Schell


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Committee Chairs

Testing Coordinator (PARCC, MAP tests) Melanie Bachrach  Melanie_S_Bachrach@mcpsmd.org
Video Club Sponsor (GPTV) Suzanne Hickey Suzanne_M_Hickey@mcpsmd.org
Yearbook Team Sponsor Heather Down Heather_F_Down@mcpsmd.org