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GMS Black-Eyed Susan Awards Book Club

Gaithersburg Middle School’s Black-Eyed Susan Book Club consists of a group of students who read at least 3 of the nominated BES books and then help select Maryland’s best book in at least one category.

  • To participate, you must read at least 3 of the 50 nominated books by mid-April. For each book you read, you must complete a brief book survey.
  • Each time you complete a book and submit a survey, the GMS Media Center staff will have you fill out a sticker to put on the BES book tally posters.
  • In April, provided that you have read at least 3 of the nominated books, you will be invited to attend a voting reception during lunch in the Media Center. You will cast your vote for the best book. Refreshments will be served.
  • In May, the Media Center will announce the winners for all the Black-Eyed Susan categories.


Black-Eyed Susan Nominees 2020-21


2020 BES Winners