Attendance Policy

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The importance of consistent and punctual class and school attendance cannot be over emphasized. There is a direct and positive relationship between school attendance and student achievement. In addition to academic growth, successful students develop habits of responsible and productive behavior, which will be of great value in adult life.

Francis Scott Key Middle School are dedicated to the goal of providing educational excellence through a challenging and rigorous instructional program. To ensure success, students are expected to attend every scheduled class, on time, each day.

Students must bring a written note signed by a parent/guardian explaining an absence. All lawful absences will be excused. Students should give the note to their first/second period teacher on their return from the absence. The absence note should include the following information: full name and grade of student, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, parent/guardian telephone numbers, and parent/guardian's signature. Lawful absences include: certified illness of student, court summons, death in immediate family, observance of religious holidays recognized by MCPS, physical or mental incapacity, state emergency or hazardous weather conditions, suspension, and quarantine.  Any absences for reasons other than those specified above are considered unexcused or unlawful unless permitted at the discretion of the principal.  Normally, absences for travel are not lawful or excused.

Tardy Policy

Definition: Tardiness for any students is a failure to be seated in the assigned class area when the tardy bell rings.

Infraction Consequence
First Tardy Staff-Student Conference
Second Tardy Staff-Student Conference with Parent Contact
Third Tardy Referral, Lunch Social Suspension (3)
Fourth Tardy Referral, Social Suspension A.M. and Lunch Social Suspension (5)
Fifth Tardy After-school Administrative detention (3-4:00 PM); referral, loss of renaissance Day

Tardiness To School: A student arriving to school after first period has began, must report directly to the Attendance Secretary. The Attendance Secretary will issue a pass to class identifying the tardiness as excused or unexcused. A late arrival because of a medical appointment will be excused when the reason for tardiness has been confirmed with the parent/guardian. Reasons accepted by the State as excused absences are also acceptable for tardiness to school. Some examples of unexcused tardiness are oversleeping, car problems, traffic, missing the bus, etc.

Make Up Work

When a student is absent from school it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher regarding the class assignments and homework missed during the absence. Students have a responsibility to make up work regardless of the reason for the absence.

When the absence is excused, the teacher has an obligation to assist the student in making up the class work missed. When the absence is unexcused, the teacher is not obligated to assist the pupil in making up work; however, the pupil is still responsible for making up the class work missed so that continuing effective course participation is possible.

When circumstances require a student to be absent from school for an extended period of time (more than three days) a parental/guardian request for homework assignments should be made to all of the student’s teachers through the attendance secretary. The attendance secretary will need approximately 48 hours to notify teachers and collect assignments. Parent/Guardian may pick up the assignments from the attendance office. Students who are absent for a shorter duration of time are encouraged to telephone a classmate for information regarding assignments and/or speak with the teacher upon returning to school.