After-School Activities

After-School Activities at Forest Oak Middle School

The school day ends at 2:40pm, but there's still plenty going on at Forest Oak Middle School! Our school has a variety of after school activities ranging from classes and clubs, intramural sports, interscholastic sports, and school plays and musicals. After school activities that run until 4:00pm are also supported with transportation.

After-School ActivitiesPaying Extracurricular Activity (ECA) Fees Online

Parents can pay student ECA fees online by credit card using Montgomery County Public School's Financial Management System (FMS). This is a secure website. The ECA fee, otherwise known as the activity fee, supports adult-supervised, extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs, for middle and high school students. Students who pay the fee are entitled to participate in one or more programs during the year. Below is information about accessing the ECA payment page and paying ECA fees.

Interscholastic Sports

Middle school interscholastic sports teams are open to 7th and 8th grades boys and girls. Softball (boys & girls) and cross country (coed) take place in the fall; basketball (boys & girls) takes places in the winter; and soccer (boys & girls) takes place in the spring.

After-School Activity Bus Routes

After-School Activity Bus Routes

BUS # 1 – BLUE

  1. Goshen Rd & Rock Elm
  2. Goshen Rd & Framingham Dr
  3. Goshen Rd & Turtle Dove
  4. Goshen Rd & Bramble Bush Dr
  5. Snouffer School Rd & Chesley Knoll
  6. Ridge Heights & Alliston Hollow Way
  7. Amity Dr & Sequoia Dr
  8. Washington Grove Rd & Daylily
  9. Railroad St @ the Post Office
  10. East Deer Park Rd @ DeVol Funeral Home
  11. Rosemont Elementary School
  12. Redland Rd & Pleasant Dr
  13. King Farm & Elmcroft


  1. West Deer Park & Stratford Apartments
  2. Summit Hall Elementary
  3. West Deer Park & Duvall Ave
  4. West Deer Park & Sunnyside Dr
  5. Londonderry Apartments
  6. Willow Apartments
  7. West Diamond Ave & Water St
  8. Executive Garden Apartments
  9. Casey Barns (810 Frederick Ave/Rte 355)
  10. Diamondback & Gable Ridge
  11. Diamondback & Reprise
  12. Diamondback & Foxborough

BUS # 3 – PINK

  1. Snouffer School & Lewisberry Rd
  2. Snouffer School & Welbeck Way
  3. East Village Ave & Lewisberry Rd
  4. East Village Ave & Dry Ridge Dr
  5. Plum Creek Dr & Boulder Ridge Way
  6. Plum Creek Dr & Plum Creek Ct
  7. Goshen Elementary School (Bar-T)
  8. Doubleland Rd & Frontwell Circle
  9. East Village Ave & Harron Valley
  10. East Village Ave & Fulks Farm Rd
  11. East Village Ave @ Community Pool
  12. Goshen Rd & Goshen Mill Ct
  13. Brink Rd & Brink Ct
  14. Bell Bluff Rd & Bell Bluff Ct
  15. Bell Bluff Rd & Mainsail Dr