Verizon Innovative Learning School

Forest Oak Middle School was selected to participate in the Verizon Learning Schools Initiative, a program which provides free technology and internet access for all staff and students to help close the digital divide and enable transformative teaching and learning. As part of your child's instructional program, staff will be using a number of core and supplemental applications (apps) to create innovative and dynamic learning experiences using MCPS provisioned iPads. In order for students to receive their iPads, the following documents need to be completed and returned to school. In addition, there is an online digital citizenship module that parents/guardians need to complete for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Initiative. 


Parent/Guardian Consent Form-Supplemental Apps

Parent/Guardian Consent Form-VILS Research

Verizon Innovative Learning Consent Form-MCPS


Parent/Guardian Consent Form (Spanish)-Supplemental Apps

Parent/Guardian Consent Form  VILS Research (Spanish)

Verizon Innovative Learning Consent Form (Spanish)-MCPS

Digitial Citizenship Training

VILS Parent Digital Citizenship Training