World Studies

World Studies at Forest Oak Middle School

Curriculum Links

6th Grade

Unit One - Patterns of Settlement

  • Geography Skills
  • Importance of Water
  • Where People Settle
  • Creation of Civilizations
  • Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Ancient Egypt

Unit Two - Citizenship & Government

  • Citizens Rights & Responsibilities
  • Types & Role of Government
  • Ancient Greece: Athens & Sparta
  • Ancient Rome

Unit Three - Impact of Economics in China

  • Economic Principles (Rules)
  • Types of Economic Systems
  • Ancient China
  • Silk Road

Unit Four - Cultural Systems

  • What Is Culture
  • World Religions & Their History
  • Ancient Culture (Ghana, Maya, & more)
  • What Causes Changes In Culture
  • Modern Culture

7th grade

Unit One - Europe In The Middle Ages

  • Foundations of Political Systems
  • Development of Feudalism
  • How feudalism was changed by major events
  • Development of nation-states

Unit Two - The Influence of Culture in Africa

  • Culture’s effects-past and present
  • Investigation of classic African civilizations of the Middle Ages.
  • Examine how African and Islamic cultures impacted development of economic, social, and political systems of these civilizations.

Unit Three - Geography and Identity in Latin America

  • Geography’s influence on the Aztec and Inca civilizations

Unit Four - The Impact of Economics: One World

  • The growth of market economies in Europe-Impact of the Renaissance
  • Establishment of European systems of colonization in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
  • Establishment of colonies in North America

8th Grade

Unit One - Democracy: Political Systems of the People 1763-1783

  • What is a Political System?
  • The British Political System
  • Beginning an American Political System
  • Defending the American Political System

Unit Two - Creating a National Political System and Culture 1783-1815

  • Creation of the Constitution and gradual emergence of a national culture in America
  • Challenges to the Constitution: Whiskey Rebellion, Supreme Court Cases, War of 1812
  • Early administration decisions set precedents for the future and shape our government today

Unit Three - Expansive Geography-Sectional Economies 1815-1850

  • Westward expansion to the Pacific Ocean led to conflicts over how to develop and govern land
  • Impact of expansion examined through experiences of Native Americans, women, settlers, and immigrants

Unit Four - A National Divided and Rebuilt 1850-1877

  • Slavery’s implications for political, economic, and social systems.
  • Challenges and Turmoil of the Civil War as experienced by many people
  • Preservation of the Union with citizenship extended to African Americans