Final Frontiers

Six 6th graders and two 8th graders from FOMS entered projects in the Final Frontiers Event at Wooton High School recently. The event was open to participants from all grades and all MCPS schools.

Entered: Aero Car event, Bridge event, Golf Ball Barrage event, Micro-Mass Tower Event.

Forest Oak students also entered the Newton's Nightmare Physics Test and won 2nd place in the Mystery Event. Great job to all!!!!

/uploadedImages/schools/forestoakms/departments/science/FF1.jpg  /uploadedImages/schools/forestoakms/departments/science/FF2.jpg  /uploadedImages/schools/forestoakms/departments/science/FF3.jpg 
/uploadedImages/schools/forestoakms/departments/science/FF4.jpg  /uploadedImages/schools/forestoakms/departments/science/FF5.jpg  /uploadedImages/schools/forestoakms/departments/science/FF6.jpg