Pinnacle System


Directions for accessing Grade Book from home

NOTE: The use of Internet Explorer 6 is recommended (may not work properly with IE 7, Mozilla, Mac browsers, or others. These instructions assume that the most recent version of Java is already installed on your home computer. You must also have Administrative rights when logged onto our home computer.)

  1. Open your browser (IE6 -- see above)
  2. Go to 
  3. Click on the "FOR STAFF" tab
  4. Under the "Technology" column, click on "Secondary" under "Pinnacle Gradebook"
  5. Click on the "Gradebook" icon.
  6. You MAY see the following dialog box after you click on the Gradebook icon. If you do, click on "Run."
  7. Log into Gradebook
    School ID = 248
    User ID = YOUR Outlook ID
    Password = YOUR Outlook password
  8. The software itself will look and work the same way it does at school.

SPECIAL NOTE: CHANGES YOU MAKE AT HOME WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE OFFICIAL GRADEBOOK SOFTWARE AT SCHOOL UNTIL YOU LOG INTO GRADEBOOK AT SCHOOL. If you ever need to be away from school on the day grades are due for Interims or Report Cards, please contact your Gradebook Advisor or me to log in for you to bring in final changes you've made at home.