The Music Department at Forest Oak Middle School 
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     Important Dates to remember for the 2018-2019 school year:

    Winter Chorus Concert, Friday, December 14, 6:30- 8 pm at Forest Oak Middle School

    Instrumental Music Concert, Thursday, December 13, 7 pm at Forest Oak Middle School
    Goshen ES Music Trip, Thursday, December 20
    Choral Cluster Concert,  Tuesday, January 8, 6-9 pm at Gaithersburg High School
    Band/Orchestra Cluster Concert, at Gaithersburg High School
    Summit Hall ES/Washington Grove ES Music Trip, Friday, February 1
    Music in the Parks Trip, Friday, May 17, 6 am to 10 pm
    Instrumental Music Concert, Thursday, May 30, 7 pm at Forest Oak Middle School
    Spring Choral Concert, Wednesday, May 29, 7 pm at Forest Oak Middle School

Music Stores in the area

Daily tools for practice

String Instruments

Woodwind/Brass Instruments

Music Theory practice

Sheet Music