Counseling Department

Telephone: 301-548-4910
Fax: 301-840-5322


The FOMS counseling department is composed of a variety of professionals who work together to meet the academic, social and health concerns of Forest Oak students and families.

  • Stacey Markowitz, 7th grade Counselor
  • Nicole O'Malley, 7th grade Counselor  
  • Erika Jovel, 8th grade Counselor
  • Denise Mitchell, 8th grade Counselor, Resource Counselor
  • Lorena Granados, Counseling Secretary 
  • Mark Samara, Pupil Personnel Worker
  • Sharon Huang, School Psychologist
Linkages to Learning Staff:
  • Amalia Flores, Community School Coordinator and Family Case Manager 
  • Karen Campion, Child & Family Therapist
  • Melissa Carrera, Child & Family Therapist

The CGCP is the shared responsibility of counselors, teachers administrators, students and parents. It addresses both the MCPS Board of Education goals and the Maryland State Department of Education bylaws. It is designed so that no segment of the student population is overlooked.


The comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program (CGCP) organizes a conceptual framework for the delivery of guidance and Counseling services for all students in grades K - 12. The Program is developmental in nature and attempts to integrate the various facets of students' development in all areas including intellectual, social, physical and emotional. The CGCP focuses on student's development in three major areas:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Career and Educational Decision Making
  • Personal and Social Development as a Student.

With each student, we focus on the goal of improving academic achievement as a responsibility to be shared by the student, parents, and school staff. As students learn the decision-making process, they will be better able to make decisions regarding academic, career and social issues. Whether working directly with students for consulting with teachers or parents we strive to continue developing positive self-concepts and interpersonal relationships for students throughout the year.

Delivery of Services

The counselor delivers the previously discussed services through 4 major components:

  • Responsive Counseling: This component focuses on working with individuals or small groups in a variety of ways that address the needs of student's personal and academic growth.
  • Group Guidance: This is a planned program that focuses on the social academic, and educational development of all students.
  • School Program Support: This component includes appropriate counseling and guidance activities which are necessary for the effective implementation of the school program.
  • Individual Planning: This component addresses the academic program needs of individual students by working with appropriate staff and parents to ensure success for every student.

Implementation of FOMS Counseling Program

We always encourage students to come to talk to their counselor about any issue(s) that may be affecting them personally, socially or academically. Students can request to see their counselor at any time by simply filling out the "counselor request from" in our lobby area. We make every attempt to see students within 24 - 48 hours of their initial requests.

Often, once counseling needs are determined, counselors will organize and conduct small counseling groups. These groups can last anywhere from 8 - 12 sessions. Some examples of counseling groups that have been conducted in the past include: New Student Group, Second Step Violence Prevention, Good Grief Club, Study Skills Group, Friendship Group, ESOL Lunch Group and Girl Power Group.

We also visit students in their classrooms to conduct classroom guidance lessons that address student developmental needs in the areas of academic, career, personal and social issues.

Teacher and counselor interact daily with the common goal of facilitating academic success in our students. Parents are encouraged to call their son or daughters counselor to discuss any concerns. Together, we can problem solve and come up with an action plan as well as provide appropriate community resources.



 We am pleased to introduce Family Connection—a comprehensive website that you and your student can use to make plans about colleges and careers.  Family Connection is linked with Naviance™, a service that we use in our office to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that’s specific to our school. You can read the entire letter by clicking here Naviance Letter

We hope that you will find this resource helpful.  If you have questions about Family Connection, please contact us at 301-548-4910.