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Mrs. Rory Dower, Reading Specialist

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  Curriculum Presentation at the October 2018 PTA Meeting

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Parent Tips for Reading Fluency

Fifteen minutes a day can make a child read faster and smoother. Parents and tutors can use this approach to improve a child’s fluency.

Many children can decode words, but still can't read smoothly. They pause at the wrong times, ignore punctuation, mispronounce words and have no expression. With a small time investment, parents can help children significantly improve their reading fluency.

Reading Fluency


There are many fluency programs that carry various labels: Repeated reading, paired reading, shared reading, assisted reading, echo reading and guided repeated oral reading. However, there are only three important points that will improve fluency.

  1. Oral reading – The reading time must be oral. Silent reading will not improve reading fluency. The child and adult will be reading and interacting aloud.
  2. Opportunity for practice - Fluency is not an on or off switch. Fluent reading happens gradually and a child needs to correctly read a word four times in order for automatic word recognition to happy. Ideally texts should be read 3 to 4 times. Consistency of practice is important, as well. Daily practice of 10 to 15 minutes is far more beneficial than one hour weekly or bi-weekly.
  3. Ongoing feedback – Feedback will occur in the form of modeling (when the adult takes their turn reading) and with positive, gentle corrections. An adult may say, "Oops, did you notice that period?" Or "Very close, you pronounce that word though."

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