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Good evening, Farmland families,

Farmland's No Place for Hate student-led assembly occurred prior to the Thanksgiving break. During the assembly, Ms. Mann, School Counselor, and Teacher Sponsor, shared with students strategies regarding how to speak up against bias when they see or hear it. She shared the Speak Up strategy, which provides students with four options. The first option is to Interrupt, which involves someone responding, "I don't like words like that.", "That phrase is hurtful.", or "That's not cool." The second strategy is Question, in which students can respond to bias by saying, "What makes you say that?", "What do you mean by that?", or "Can you tell me more?" The next strategy is to Educate, in which students say something like, "Do you know the history of that word?" The final strategy is to Echo, which involves someone speaking up against the hate by thanking the person who first responded to the bias by restating (thus reinforcing) the anti-bias message. For example, Student 1 responds to the bias by employing one or more of the strategies above. Student 2 Echoes Student 1's response by reiterating, "I don't like words like that words like that either." or "I agree, that phrase is hurtful." We use the Speak Up strategy frequently at school and encourage students to use these when they hear statements of bias.

We would very much appreciate your help by practicing this strategy at home with your children. If you click the presentation below, you will see the Speak Up Strategy on Slide 7. In addition, there is a scenario you can read and discuss with your children, then identify and practice the strategy or strategies they could use when they find themselves responding to an incidence of bias. Additionally, please remind your children they should always report these incidents to a teacher or trusted adult.

Community No Place for Hate Presentation 2023-2024

Below you will find the following updates:

  • Rescheduled - Parent Visitation Day
  • Fire Drill this Tuesday (rescheduled due to weather last Friday, December 1)
  • Tilden Announcement: Tilden Drama Club Performance
  • Parent-Teacher Association Updates
  • Upcoming Important Dates
  • Contact Information

Rescheduled - Parent Visitation Day: March 1, 2024

We have rescheduled our Parent Visitation Day for Friday, March 1, 2024. This is a half-day of school. Visitation will start at 9:30 a.m. and end at 11:30 a.m. More reminders will come as the date approaches.

Fire Drill this Tuesday

Last Friday's fire drill was rescheduled due to the weather. We've rescheduled the fire drill for this Tuesday, December 5.

Tiden Annoucement: Tiden Drama Club Performance

Tickets are on sale now! 

You don't want to miss this event! Murder and mayhem collide in hilarious fashion as new radio station WCKY prepares to air its first show in 1939! 

This show is rated a very light PG.

The performance begins at 7:00 pm and will finish at approximately 9:20 pm. There are two acts with one 20-minute intermission. All audience members should enter and exit the building through the Activity Entrance only. Students need to make sure their rides are on time to pick them up. Seating is limited, so don't wait too long!

Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.tildendrama.com and at the door the night of the performance.

There are TWO ticket options:

Reserved Seating (online purchase ONLY): $12.00

These seats are guaranteed to be closer to the stage and are sold first come, first served.

General Seating (online & at the door): $8.00

Any non-reserved seat.

Parent-Teacher Association Updates

PTA Meeting is Dec. 5 - ZOOM ONLY

Join us at 7:00 PM on Dec. 5 on Zoom for the next PTA meeting. (Note this meeting is NOT hybrid and is Zoom-only.) The meeting will focus on a discussion of the Woodward High School construction project and associated boundary study, including a discussion of overcrowding here at Farmland and how Farmland parents can advocate to MCPS to support the needs of our students and school. Please submit any questions (about the Woodward project or any other topic) in advance on this form so we can be prepared with answers.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 880 1813 8909

Passcode: 205540

Sign Up for Winter After-School Classes

Sign up for after-school programs like robotics, karate, and more! Sign up now to ensure your child's spot. Toggle to the "winter" section in Kiddo. Newly added: Pottery on Thursdays. 

Upcoming Important Dates

Click here to access the event calendar for the entire school year. 

Tuesday, December 5 - Fire drill - Rescheduled from Friday, December 1

Tuesday, December 5 - PTA Meeting at 7:00 p.m. ZOOM ONLY (see above for link and info) 

Contact Information

Mrs. Longest, PrincipalApril_D_Longest@mcpsmd.org

Ms. Davis-JonesAssistant Principal, Aara_L_Davis-Jones@mcpsmd.org

Ms. Harrison, Administrative SecretaryTheresa_T_Harrison@mcpsmd.org

Mrs. Auel, Registrar and Attendance Secretary, Kari_R_Auel@mcpsmd.org

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Farmland Elementary School

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