COLLEGE & Career Center

College and Career Coordinator: Maripat Moloney - Johnston

Phone: (240) 740-2722
Scholarships & Programs

Attention Seniors - Class of 2022

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Albert Einstein's Career Center is a resource room for college and career planning. The Career Center is located in the main hall next to the Guidance Office, it is available to students, staff, parents and the Einstein community. Einstein's Career Center is open all year to meet the needs of the school community.

About the Career Center

working The Career Center contains extensive information on colleges, technical schools, financial aid, military and job opportunities. The career center is also open some evenings (by appointment).

The AEHS Career Center offers information on College testing programs including SAT I, SAT II, PSAT, TOEFL and ACT. To aid in a student's college choice and career selection, there is a comprehensive collection of college catalogues as well as a wide variety of computer applications. Information is also available on apprenticeship and internship programs.