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Extracurricular Activities Community Message

Albert Einstein High School will be hosting various virtual extracurricular activities this year. You can find our school’s offerings, with descriptions, under our school name listed on the new MCPS Student Engagement Through Leadership, Service, and Extracurricular Activities webpage. If your student finds an offering in which they are interested, they can register beginning September 18, 2020 using the Student Registration form. A sponsor will contact all registered students in the near future with updates on their programs. For your convenience a list of the names of our clubs and their respective sponsors is listed below. Please contact Ms. Shanay Snead, assistant principal, if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

Club Name


AEHS Young Democrats


Black Student Union

Mr. Willie Howard

Book Club

Ms. Ford

Choreography Club

Ms. Gooley and Ms. Solar

Christian Club

Dr. Chujor & Mr. Eck


Ms. Shaffer


Mr. Fenchel

Ethiopian & Eritrean Club

Ms. Mygenet Harris

Future Business Leaders of America

Ms. Mackey

French Honor Society

Ms. Simone Harris

Gaming Club

Mr. Gelner

Gay-Straight Alliance (Genders & Sexuality Alliance)


GEMS (Minority Achievement Group for Girls)


GENTS (Minority Achievement Group for Boys)


Hispanic Honor Society (Jaime Escalante Hispanic Honor Society)

Ms. O'Neil & Peró

International Honor Council

Ms. Monroe

It's Academic Team

Ms. Colson

Jewish Culture Club

Ms. Holladay


Ms. Klenk

Key Club

Ms. Ford

Literary Magazine

Ms. Montague and Ms. D'Ascanio

Lunch Hour Podcast Club

Mr. Zemel


Mr. Bangura

Minority Scholars Program

Mr. Vance Jones

Mock Trial

Mr. Kio

Model UN

Ms. Klenk, Ms. Colson & Ms. Licitra

National Arts Honor Society

Ms. Harnish

National Honor Society

Mr. Nappo

National Honor Society for Dance Arts

Ms. Gooley

National Technical Honor Society

Ms. Mackey

Science Club (Now STEM Club)

Mr. Myers

Student Government Association

Ms. Abercrombie

S.T.A.G.E. (Drama)

Mr. Smeallie

Technology Student Association

Ms. Norris

The Anime, Manga, and Japanese Culture Club

Ms. Pouridas

Titan Marching Band

Mr. Brendan Kelly

Titan Readers

Ms. Ford

Titanes Salseros

Ms. Pero

Woman Up (GLI)

Ms. Shaffer

W.E.B. DuBois Society

Ms. Abercrombie

Youth to Truth

Ms. Chugh


Link to MCPS' database for all schools and their extracurricular activities offerings with descriptions for each:




Link to the student registration form for all AEHS extracurricular activities: