Chromebook Information

If students have never received a Chromebook from MCPS and need one, please fill out the following form here to request one from the school.

If students have a damaged Chromebook, please see the information below:

Students and their families are now financially responsible for any intentional or accidental damage of any Chromebook loaned out to the student. The Office of Technology and Innovation has created a technical document outlining the Chromebook obligation process. This document identifies the costs associated with each type of repair or replacement, as well as where students and families can go to have a repair performed. While 45 West Gude is the only available repair site at this time, additional sites will be identified and added.


To see the Chromebook Obligations document, please click here.


This document links out to four relevant articles.


  • Chromebook Repair Sites. See here.
  • Chromebook Repair Costs: See here.
  • Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy: See here
  • Regulation IGT-RA: See here.