Changes to Bus Routes

The MCPS Department of Transportation (DOT) has been impacted by the regional and nation-wide school bus driver shortage.  We are starting the school year with a shortage of 100 bus drivers--approximately ten percent of our routes without a dedicated driver.  While the MCPS works to recruit drivers as quickly as possible, this shortage of drivers will have a  significant impact on the timing and length of some school bus routes.  All eligible students will receive transportation to and from school, however those routes without a dedicated driver will be combined with routes that do have a driver.  This will require that some buses will make two trips into the same school, both in the morning and afternoon.


The following  routes for (Einstein High School) will combine routes  :


AM – Einstein Cluster


AM - Einstein HS

AM 3112 will be covered by 3101

AM 3115 will be covered by 3110 Stop#1 & 3122 Stop #2 and #3

AM 3118 will be covered by 3123


PM – Einstein Cluster


PM - Einstein HS

PM 3112 will be covered by 3101

PM 3115 will be covered by 3110 Stop#1 & 3122 Stop #2 and #3

                             PM 3118 will be covered by 3123


We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause to students and families of these routes and to your school.  Please help us minimize confusion on Monday by posting this information on your school webpage, and/or otherwise notifying your school community.  We are sorry for the last minute notice on the details of this plan, but the shortage situation is evolving daily as employers of commercial drivers (not just school systems) in the region do all they can to hire drivers and in many cases lure them away from their current employer.  The information above will likely change as the school year evolves.  Once students are riding buses, we will have more opportunity to inform them and you of upcoming changes.