Renaissance Academy

The Renaissance AcademyAcademy Head: Mr. Thomas Curley
Phone: 301-962-1064

The Renaissance Academy emphasizes the development of mathematical, reading, writing, and public speaking skills and their application in the arts and sciences.

Students will master the skills, facts, and theories of academics necessary for college and post graduate success while developing critical thinking skills as they explore the ethical, interpretive, and interpersonal facets of knowledge, history and the arts.

Unique student-parent-teacher partnerships are developed for individual student success.

Students may choose to study some of the following courses in greater depth:

  • Literature
  • Calculus
  • The Arts
  • Environmental Systems
  • French
  • AP English Language
  • Statistics
  • Digital Art
  • AP Biology
  • Musical Theatre
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Human Geography
  • Digital Art
  • Law