Overview of DCC Academies

Academy Coordinator: Tricia Gooley

 240-740-2700 or via email


Einstein High School is part of the Downcounty Consortium also known as the DCC. From the DCC website, “The Downcounty Consortium includes five high schools-Blair, Einstein, Kennedy, Northwood and Wheaton and their elementary and feeder schools. Each high school offers distinctive academy programs designed to capture students’ interests, incorporate rigorous academic coursework, explore possible career pathways, and bring real world relevance to students’ education.” Check out the DCC webpage: . 

When choosing a high school, middle school students should consider the Academy Programs offered at each of the schools so that their interest and their high school of choice match.

Academy of Finance, Careers and Technology (AOF)

Amin Salaam, Academy Head

The Academy of Finance, Careers and Technology introduces students to the broad career opportunities available in the financial services industry. Additional pathways include Computer Science, College & Career Readiness, Hospitality Management, and Technology Education. 

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Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

Tanya Thomson, Academy Head

The Visual and Performing Arts Academy provides students with a strong academic program that develop the skills necessary to have prosperous careers in the visual and performing arts.

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Renaissance Academy for College Readiness

Greg Zemel, Academy Head

The Renaissance Academy emphasizes the development of college readiness through 21s Century Skills and their application in all subject areas. Includes multiple opportunities to earn college credit through dual enrollment with Montgomery College and the AP Scholars program. Also includes the MD Seal of Biliteracy.

For questions about dual enrollment, contact Ms. Moloney-Johnston, College & Career Coordinator. 

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Teacher Academy of Maryland

Blaise Kamponbe, Academy Head

The Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) program prepares students for postsecondary education and careers in the field of education. Upon completion of the TAM program and passing the ParaPro exam, students are prepared for postsecondary education and some employment options.

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MCPS Special Program

Visual Art Center (VAC)

Mygenet Harris and Sarah Harnish, Co-Coordinators & Teachers

The Visual Art Center (VAC) offers students a broad perspective of the fine arts and deepens their understanding of the opportunities for art-related careers through exposure to art history, contemporary artists and artwork. This rigorous and comprehensive program, directed toward portfolio development, enables students to realize and achieve their full potential in visual art. Lessons consist of lectures, demonstrations, slide presentations, studio activities, assigned research and group critiques. Most graduating students study fine arts or commercial art at a higher level.