AP/IB Exam Registration:   Below are the steps that parents and students must take to complete the AP/IB exam registration/sign-up process for FY 22-23. Please read the entire fee letter (emailed via synergy on Sept 30, 2022) for specific details on exam fees and deadlines.


  1.  Join MyAP classroom(s) using their teacher(s) join code. Students should ask their AP teachers for their course-specific join codes. Students must join MyAP classroom for each AP class they are currently enrolled in. This step is for AP exams only.  Students taking IB exams do not need to join MyAP classroom.
  2. ​Parents and students must complete all parts of the Exam Registration and Fee-Waiver form. Please do not skip any part of the form.  * If a student is taking AP exams, they must complete the AP exam registration form located here.  If a student is taking IB classes, they must complete the IB exam registration form located here.  If a student is taking both AP and IB exams, they should complete both forms.
  3.  Parents must pay for exams in School Cash Online and complete the Exam Registration and Fee Waiver form(s) ( as described in step 2) by Nov. 8th, 2022.  If partial or full payment is not made in School Cash online by 11/8/22an exam will not be ordered for the student. 
  4. Financial assistance is available for families who do not qualify for the fee waiver ( Parents must complete the registration form to see if they qualify). See Ms. O'Reggio in Room 166a for a School-Based Financial Assistance Request Form. 


If you have any questions, please email Lynette O'Reggio at lynette_p_oreggio@mcpsmd.org