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One goal of the Academy of Finance and Business, a member program of the National Academy Foundation, is to prepare interested students for a career in business and finance through a combination of coursework and on-the-job experience. While studying some of the intricacies of the business world, students also learn how to manage and invest their money. This provides them with skills that will help them attain their career goals. Another focus of the Academy is to provide students who do not plan on entering the business world with the skills they will need to make their personal finances secure. 

The Academy of Finance achieves its goals through the cooperative efforts of educators and local business partnerships. Through these alliances, students are given the guidance needed to make important connections between academics and life.

Who Can Join? 

Students at Albert Einstein High School in grades 9, 10, and sometimes 11 may become a member of the Academy of Finance.

Benefits of the Academy of Finance and Business

  • Six to eight week paid, meaningful business internships providing real world experiences   
  • Exposure to modern technology   
  • Participation in Job Shadowing Programs   
  • Course work opportunities at Montgomery College good for college credit   
  • Annual finance related field trips   
  • Development of advanced communication skills  
  • Attending Young Professional Conference  
  • Participation in mock interviews   
  • A solid academic background experience for those who might want to pursue a career in the financial management industry   
  • Recognition by College Admissions Offices
  • Participation in E-mentoring Programs
  • Participation in National Academy of Foundation Conferences
  • Participation in National Academy of Foundation Internship Opportunities  
  • Graduates acquire the problem-solving and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond

Course Offerings  

  • Personal Finance
  • Accounting   
  • Economics   
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Banking and Credit   
  • International Finance  
  • Financial Planning and Management  
  • Internship   

The paid internship is perhaps the most memorable and critical component in the Academy of Finance experience. It is also one of the most rewarding, as it is the opportunity for students to apply, in a real world setting, what they have learned in their Academy of Finance classes in the preceding years.   

A paid internship is an extension of the Academy of Finance classroom instruction and curriculum that further develops and challenges the student in a business environment.  The internship is supervised by business leaders in a real-world setting resulting in a broad, relevant, enriching educational experience for the student. Paid internships provide the context in which a student's classroom learning is applied, and establishes a valuable foundation for any career the student chooses to pursue in the future. 


Academy of Finance Department Head:  Carla Y. Mackey

Telephone:  240-740-2643


Staff List

James Colihan

 Brenda B. Lopez


Academy of Finance (Meet the Last Wednesday of the month during lunch in room 275)


Academy Clubs

 Distributive Education Clubs of America DECA(Last Friday of the Month from 2:30-4:00PM) Room 275

National Technical Honor Society (Last Thursday of the month during lunch)

 Millionaires Club (Every Tuesday during lunch in room 275)

Technology Students of Association TSA (during lunch in room 202)

Girls Who Code (during lunch Room 134)

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