Student Service Learning (SSL)

Please Submit All SSL Forms to Room 106



MCPS SSL Website

The state of Maryland requires all students to complete 75 hours of Student Service Learning (SSL) in order to graduate. Students may begin working on this requirement as soon as they complete 5 th grade. Students earn some SSL hours through middle school and high school courses.

Grade 6: Science

Grade 7: English

Grade 8: US History

Parents should be aware that simply working as an unpaid volunteer does not necessarily qualify as SSL. The rules for where a student may earn SSL hours, how to receive credit for the hours earned, and other topics can be found on the MCPS website:  

It is very important that students check the MCPS website prior to undertaking any volunteer service. The website includes a link to the Montgomery County Volunteer Center's list of volunteer opportunities.

Those organizations marked with a graduation cap are pre-approved for SSL.

Students who wish to volunteer at an organization not on the list should submit an approval request to Eastern's SSL coordinator using MCPS form 560-51 prior to serving as a volunteer.

SSL service should be recorded on a MCPS form 560-50 that has been signed by an adult at the organization. Forms 560-50 are due at the end of each semester. No credit will be given for volunteer service in previous semesters.

Eastern's SSL Coordinator is Mr. Nicholas Towson.


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