Health and Physical Education


Physical Education


The middle school physical education program focuses on health-related fitness, movement skills, tactical concepts, and personal and social responsibility. Each physical education unit challenges students to better understand the benefits of physical activity toward fitness, fundamentals of efficient movement in physical activity and sport, and the essentials of responsibility in a social setting. The learning tasks in physical education emphasize and teach problem-solving and decision-making skills. Students will participate in games and activities that promote fitness, develop tactical awareness, and indoctrinate social qualities.

Health Education


Comprehensive health education is taught for a term of 9 weeks. Knowledge, concepts, skills, and strategies essential to making healthful decisions are presented to promote lifelong health and well-being. Certified Health Education teachers implement a variety of learning activities to promote and practice wellness skills and health literacy. The development of lifelong positive health-related attitudes and behaviors are emphasized to promote self-reliance and self-regulation.