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School Counseling

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Resource Counselor - Grade 6 (Last names A-L) Ms. Jasmine Wilson
Grade 6 Counselor (Last names M-Z) Ms. Nancy Fiallo       
Grade 7 Counselor Ms. Yasmin Kermanchi
Grade 8 Counselor Ms. Caitlin Pulver
Secretary / Registrar Ms. Herenia Lovo
504 Coordinator and Support Counselor for Grades 6, 7, 8 Mrs. Beth Magden
Ms. Herenia Lovo
Pupil Personnel Worker Ms. Renee Garraway      
ESOL Transitional Counselor Ms. Monica Pimienta 


Mission Statement

Eastern Middle School counselors deliver a comprehensive program that focuses on the academic personal social and career development of all students. We support the school wide vision for academic excellence.

Services will be provided through a combination of direct counseling interventions (individual and small group), as well as classroom guidance activities and instruction.

We are strategically aligned with MCPS' mission, state and local mandates.


Information that you share with your school counselor is not discussed with others. This information is private. If the counselor believes the student will be helped by sharing confidential information, the counselor will discuss the pros and cons with the student.

There are a few situations in which information shared with a school counselor requires mandatory reporting by state law. The mandates include: any reference or indication of harm to self or others, and child abuse or neglect.

Your counselor is required to report information that may suggest possible harm to you or someone else.