Online Resources

Student Search Engines

Destiny is our online library media center catalog. Students can search for books, read digital books (e-books) in our collection, create reading lists, and access online resources through Destiny.

A site created by school librarians for elementary school students and their teachers. It uses a Google custom search engine of selected sites so you get less commerical sites. Includes only websites recommended by teachers, librarians, and library and educational consortia.

Awesome Library  
Organizes the Web with 35,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.

Searches around 2 million kid/teen safe sites and the database is growing daily. The engine used on does NOT crawl the Internet and add any site it comes across. Instead, it uses fast meta technology that crawls sites and databases that have been reviewed by humans and classified as kid/teen safe.

Sweet Search
Leverages Google to search only a fully vetted "whitelist" of websites. The original index was created by 50+ librarians, educators and researchers who collectively invested over 100,000 hours in finding the best resources.

Montgomery County Public Library 
A direct link to the public library website, where you can search for books and access online databases.

Language Arts

  TumbleBooks Check out this new website! You can read your favorite books in e-book form, have a book read to you, play games, puzzles, answer story questions, get information about authors, and much more!

Grammar Blast 
The Houghton Mifflin website with grammar practice. It provides practice questions and you can click to see if each answer is correct, as you go along. The site keeps score as you answer the questions.

Word Central
This is an online dictionary by Merriam-Webster for upper-elementary children. It allows you to type in a word and view the dictionary entry. It also allows you to create your own dictionary, with new words you have created. You can also view the daily buzzword, to learn new words and build vocabulary.

This website has links to reading and activities for beginning readers.

Harcourt Reading Skills and Activities
The website for the Harcourt Publishing Company with reading activities for all grade levels.


This is a website with math games and activities for kids. It is organized in several ways: by game title, by grade level, or by type of activity. It also has sections for parents and teachers.

Harcourt Math Skills and Activities 
The website for the Harcourt Publishing Company with math activities for all grade levels.

AAA Math
This is a website with math activities.  It is organized by grade level and topic.

Math Playground 
Welcome to Math Playground, an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. Play a math game, solve a logic puzzle, and have some fun! 


The Magic School Bus 
This is the website of The Magic School Bus, including activities and games. There are also school-related activities, such as organization help and help for writing reports. The site also includes a page about popular children's books and a preschool page.

Energy Kids
This is a website about energy sources. It relates directly to the 5th grade inquiry project on energy sources. There are examples of the different forms of energy, games and activities, and resources for teachers.

Star Child  
This is a website about stars and the solar system. It is a NASA website for kids, which explains the solar system, the universe, and general space stuff. The information is offered in two levels of text, one for elementary students and the other for middle or high school students. The site also provides links to find the same information in several different languages.

Astronomy for Kids 
Astronomy for students of all ages. is part of the KidsKnowIt Network, a free resource designed to teach about outer space.  The website has games, activities, and fun facts.  Strap yourself in for a great ride!

Social Studies

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government  
This is a website about the U.S. government. It is very extensive, with many different pages. It explains everything about the U.S. government, as well as the neighborhood and community, symbols of our country, and government-related words listed in alphabetical order. The site is very colorful with simple cartoon pictures, that would appeal to elementary school children of any age. It also has links to U.S. Government websites.

Mount Vernon 
This is the website for Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. You can take a photo tour and read about his plantation.

Plymouth Plantation
A website about Plymouth Plantation, where the pilgrims landed. There are links for kids with recipes, coloring pictures, stories, and things you can make.

Native Languages of the Americas: List of Native American Indian Tribes and Languages
A website with information about Native American Indian tribes and languages.

On This Day 
Browse important events in history by clicking on each date to see a featured archival New York Times front page and article, as well as a list of other notable events that occurred on that day.

Colonial Williamsburg 
Website from Colonial Williamsburg, with a link for kids.  Includes games, activities, and information.

Jamestown Settlement & American Revolution Museum at Yorktown
This is the official website of the Jamestown living history museum.  Click on the links for Educational Adventures or Videos and Podcasts to read and listen for more information about life at Jamestown.


My Plate 
Website with the updated food & nutrition guidelines to replace the food pyramid.

Common Sense Education
A website with games that work on internet safety skills.

Keyboarding & Typing Skills

Peter's Online Typing Course
Upper elementary and middle school reading level. Uses minimal interactive features.