CyberStart America

Do you have a knack for solving puzzles and riddles?  Have you ever wondered what Cyber Security is all about?  Are you ready to explore the subject and see if you have what it takes?  How about competing for one of 600 scholarships worth $2,500 each? There is a new initiative that does just that and you need no experience at all!   The following is about the CyberStart America initiative.

Here is a video introducing the CyberStart America game

Here is the link to sign up! (Links to an external site.)

Use the following information when signing up:

Do NOT use your e-mail address, use a personal address

School contact:

Role:  Teacher

Name:  Jeff Hanson

Contact e-mail address:

Did you know that Damascus has an IT Academy that includes a full course on Cybersecurity?  We cover both the Cisco CyberOperations course, and the CompTIA Security+ certification.  For more information see this video, or contact Mr. Hanson at