Clubs & Organizations

Here is a link to a Google Sheet for the DHS 2021-2022 Clubs


(Please note - new phone numbers, effective November 2015 -

All numbers begin with 240-207-xxxx then the extension listed)

AOIT Cyber Security(Academy of Information Technology)

Sponsor(s): Mr. Hanson ext 2354
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: The group learns and works with cyber security tools and concepts, and actively competes in national cyber challenges.

American Sign Language (ASL)

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Grysavage Ext 2365
Meeting Day(s): Weekly on Wednesdays during lunch from 11:20 to 11:40 in RM 207.
Description: Students will learn the basics of American Sign Language as well as conversational sign. Beginners and experienced signers will also learn about Deaf Culture and the history of ASL. All are welcome.

Art Honor Society (National Art Honor Society)

Sponsor(s): Mr. Cleveland ext 2363
Meeting Day(s): 1st Thursday of the month during Lunch in Room 166, with additional meeting for service proects as needed.
Description: Exceptional art students in grades 10-12 with a GPA 3.0-4.0 who perform community service and art activities.Service Projects TBD.

Auto Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Ortiz ext 2375
Meeting Day(s): Thursdays
Description: Open to currently enrolled Auto Tech students to provide an opportunity to work on their own cars and the cars that belong to their families.

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Best Buddies

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Stultz ext 2384 & Mrs. McGafin ext 2361
Meeting Day(s): Always on Wednesdays, 2:35 - 3:35 in the cafeteria; members receive calendars
Description: Best Buddies is a year-round club that builds relationships. Students need to join at the beginning of the year and remain in the club through May. Students are joined in one-to-one friendships and do fun activities with students with intellectual disabilities.

Bible Study

Sponsor(s): Mr. McGaffin ext 2361
Meeting Day(s): during lunches on Monday and Friday; Rm 222
Description: This bible study will be a great time of fellowship, prayer, and learning more about Gods word. We will be meeting in Mr.McGaffin’s room during lunches on Monday and Friday. Follow @DHS_Outreach14 for more info or any questions! Hope to see you there!

Book Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Ward ext 2230
Meeting Day(s): monthly TBA
Description: Students suggest, select, and discuss a monthly book selection

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Chess Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Dickie Rm 134
Meeting Day(s): Every Wednesday
Description: Through this club we will share admiration for the board game and find new or current friends to share the love of chess and learn a thing or two about the game.


Meeting Day(s): M-F during the school day
Description: Chorus is open to any and all students that are interested in singing. We offer three vocal ensembles. Honors Chamber Singers and Honors Bel Canto are audition only.

Color Guard

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Hyman (contact Mr. Doherty ext 2353)
Meeting Day(s): 2:45-4:15 Monday and Thursday in the fall
Description: Students perform at all home football games, pep rallies, and additional engagements

Craft Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Jennings ext 2361
Meeting Day(s): Tuesdays during Lunch and Wednesdays after school
Description - Craft Club is for all people who enjoy arts and crafts. Craft Club will also be doing various projects such as ceiling tiles, murals etc.

Cultural Conversations

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Patton ext 2359
Student Leader: Alex Li
Meeting days: Selected Fridays in Room 204


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Debate Team

Sponsor(s): TBD
Meeting Day(s): TBD
Description: DHS competes against various MCPS High Schools once a month at Montgomery Blair High School. The season ends in the late February.


Sponsor(s): Ms. Walker ext 2391
Student President: Samhitha Gandla
Meeting Day(s): Wednesdays 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

DescriptionThe Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is an internationally known association that prepares high school students to become emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA promotes competitions, encourages volunteering, awards scholarships and SSL hours. Interested? Join us!

Drama Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Kachadorian ext 2391
Meeting Day(s): As needed after school, varies according to needs of the production. Rehearsal and tech schedules provided at the beginning of each production.
Description: Along with performing 2 plays a year, including a musical, the drama club employs students in set building, light and sound engineering, costume and prop making, and make up. Auditions are required for the plays, but technical work is available throughout the year.

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Environmental Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Hyman x 2368
Meeting Days(s) 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month in room 161 during lunch.
Description: Students conduct various community-oriented service projects to help keep our environment cleaner, and save natural resources.

Equestrian Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Mayhew ext 2376
Meeting Day(s): Room 105 - Day TBA
Description: Students can attend horse related events together. Students can talk to other people who understand OUR passion for riding and may have suggestions for improved riding. Students can participate in ISHS, the Inter-School Horse Shows. The best part is students can keep their regularly scheduled lessons at their regular barn.

Express! Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. O'Brien x 2359
Meeting Day(s): Thursdays during lunch in room 240
Description: This club will give students an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings through writing, art, poetry and conversation. This club will give students a chance to turn negative energy into something positive and beautiful; it might also help improve their writing skills! Once per month there will be a social with food and the opportunity to share writing pieces (sharing is not mandatory!).

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Fashion Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Ails ext 2368
Meeting: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at the beginning of lunch, in Room 12
Description: "Fashion is our Passion!" Join the Fashion Club if you are interested in clothes, shopping, beauty or design, or if you want to learn about the latest trends. This club is a great way to meet new people who love fashion and also a great way to explore more about the things you love most about fashion!

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Sponsor(s): Mr. Bonfils ext 2391
Meeting Day(s): 1st and 3rd Friday each month in Rm # 241 during lunch & TBA optional additional meetings during lunch.
Description: DHS Students 9-12 participate in activities provided by the National FCA organization to encourage fellowship among our diverse high school athletes and club athletes.

Foreign Language Honors Society (FLHS)

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Dennison (room 209) ext2365
Meeting Day(s): Second Wednesday of Every Month, Monday Foreign Language Tutoring
Description: Students who excel in foreign languages participate in exciting activities such as celebrations of cultural events, helping other students with language classes, and bonding opportunities to connect with other students through languages, culture and events such as ice cream socials.

Forensics/Public Speaking Club

Sponsor(s): Ms. Ward ext 2230
Meeting Day(s): First Friday of the month during lunch- meeting will be held in the Media Center
Description: Students practice and compete in county wide public speaking meets. For announcements and information please follow Ms. Ward’s Twitter account at: @MsWard_DHSMedia

French Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Boichin ext 2364
Meeting Day(s): TBA; during lunch in room 210
Description: Club members will learn new, everyday idioms/vocabulary, and also learn about the cultures of France and Francophone countries. We will look at pop-culture, politics, current events, and cultural values (such as la gastronomie). This club is open to anyone open to other cultures, it is not limited to solely French students.

Freshman Class (class web page here)

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Stultz x 2377
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Supporting the Class of 2021

Future Farmers of America (FFA)

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Mayhew x 2376
Meeting Day(s): Thursdays; 1st Thursday of the month in Room 105
Description: FFA is an organization for students interested in agriculture that develops leadership, personal growth and career development.

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Help our Heroes Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Isaac ext 2392
Meeting Day(s): Days/times TBA, Room 119
Description: This club will be raising money through a number of ways to assist injured soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines as well as their families via the Fisher House Foundations. The Fisher House Foundation provides a place to stay for military families as their loved ones are in the hospital recovering from combat and related injuries.

Hornet Ambassadors

Sponsor(s): Mr. Spoales Room 150
Meeting Day(s): Once a week, every other week. During busy weeks, we may meet more often.
Description: A club designed to assist with school events as well as offer opportunities for kids to help around the community.

Humans for Happiness

Sponsor(s): Ms. Voketitis, Room 231
President - Noel Carlton
Meeting Day(s): Every other week on Thursday during lunch
Description - Humans for Happiness is a group that is based on helping people in Crisis around the world. We primarily focus on World famine and the suffering of third world countries across the globe.

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Ice Hockey Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Stultz ext 2377 and Mr. Coffman ext 2390
Meeting Day(s): Room 155A - Day TBA
Description: Students can attend Hockey related events together. Students can connect with others that share our passion for Ice Hockey and may have suggestions for improved skills. Students can participate in MSHL, the Maryland Student Hockey League.

International Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs.Mendez ext 2365
Meeting Day(s): monthly meeting dates are announced in advance through Edline and the daily announcements; members will attend meetings during lunch in Room 208
Description: The International Club is an organization that recognizes and celebrates individual’s cultures. The students have the opportunity to learn about traditions, practices and cultural perspectives in a friendly environment. We hold an International Night in February. Everyone is welcome.

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Jazz Combo

Sponsor: Mr. Doherty x 2353
Meeting Days: Every other Wednesday at lunch in room 118
Description: This ensemble performs twice a year at jazz band concerts and other functions required throughout the school year.

Junior Class (class web page here)

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Horman x 2359
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Supporting the Class of 2019

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Latin Dance club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Cotton x 2377
Meeting Day(s): 3 times per month in Room 244. (Day/time TBD)
Description: Students will be dancing a variety of Latin dances that include Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, etc.

Leo’s Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Cotton ext 2377
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Students participate in many community service activities.

Literary Magazine

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Pastora ext 2359
Meeting Day(s): Thursdays
Description: Reverie students publish a Spring literary magazine annually.

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Marching Band

Sponsor(s): Mr. Doherty ext 2353
Meeting Day(s): 2:45-4:15 Monday and Thursday in the fall
Description: The marching band performs at all home football games in regular season and playoffs.

Minority Scholars Program (MSP)

Sponsors: Becky Paulson, Becky McGaffin
Meeting Day(s): Every other Wednesday in room 7 at lunch
Description: The Minority Scholars Program (MSP) is a Montgomery County Public School program that is student led, student based, and student driven, aimed at closing the opportunity gap for students. MSP is looking to positively change various school cultures in the county such that success and achievement are longer predictable by race, class, ethnicity and/or gender. This program is open to any student who attends DHS.

MU Alpha Theta Math Honors Society

Sponsors(s) - Mr. Wells x 2368
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Students are part of a national mathematics honor society that recognizes students with outstanding accomplishments in the area of mathematics. Membership is available to students enrolled in Honors Algebra 2 or higher and associate memberships are available to students enrolled in Honors Geometry.

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National Honor Society

Sponsor(s): Ms. Ward ext 2230 and Mrs. Luther ext 2359
Meeting Day(s): monthly meeting dates are announced in advance through Edline and the daily announcements.
Description: NHS is a national organization that recognizes students with outstanding accomplishments in the area of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Eligible juniors are inducted in the spring. Eligible seniors are inducted in the fall. (See a quick reference to requirements here and the complete selection criteria here)

For announcements and information please follow Ms. Ward’s Twitter account at: @MsWard_DHSMedia


Sponsor(s): Mr. DeStefano ext 2359
Meeting Day(s): First semester period 5 in Room 201, also after school as needed.
Description: As a student newspaper, The Buzz strives to provide a forum for free and responsible expression of student opinion and present well-balanced, locally researched coverage of issues of broader student interest.

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P7 (Bible Study)

Sponsor(s): Mr. Bonfils x2391
Meeting Day(s): Every Wednesday during lunch in room 241
Description: P7 club is a Bible study club that is designed to teach teens about the love of God and of other. Is a great way for teens to express their feelings, concerns and fears in a friendly environment and to learn of scriptures that teach about love, forgiveness and hope.

Panda Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Patton ext. 2359
Meeting Day(s): second Friday of every month during lunch from 11:25 - 11:50 AM in room 204
Description: The Panda Club is dedicated to help the community with learning about Asian culture and tradition. We organize group activities and presentations monthly.

Percussion Ensemble

Sponsor: Mr. Doherty x 2353
Meeting Day(s): Every other Wednesday at lunch in room 118
Description: This ensemble performs twice a year at band concerts and focuses on music written specifically for percussion.

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Robotics Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Pisanic ext 2361
Meeting Day(s): Wednesday after school from 2:15 PM to 4:00 PM.
Description: The Robotics Club focuses on pursuits in the fields of Engineering and Robotics. The Club is a workshop of sorts where members form groups and work together on self designed projects. We also participate in competitions which are focused on problem solving and design for prizes and prestige. Anyone interested in Engineering, Robotics, or just making cool stuff is welcome. No prior knowledge is necessary, one only needs a will to learn. We also provide HW help.

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S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Sponsor(s): Mr. Hyman, Room 161
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: A peer-to-peer education, prevention, and activism organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking, other drug use, risky and impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.

Science National Honor Society

Sponsor(s): Ms Ciccone
Meeting Day(s): TBA Room 225
Description: See Webpage

Senior Class (class web page here)

Sponsor(s): Mrs.Quay x 2457
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Supporting the Class of 2018

Sewing Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Patton
Student Leader: Megan Love
Meeting days: Selected Mondays in room 204

Sophomore Class (class web page here):

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Callis/Mrs. Djouha
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Supporting the Class of 2020


Sponsor(s) Mrs. Horman ext 2359
Meeting Day(s): Fridays during Lunch, Room 131
Description: Spectrum is a club intended to connect student members of the LGBT community. Spectrum will be a safe place where any and all DHS students can converse on subjects, make friends, and generally be open with one to another. The club is intended to help support LGBT individuals, as well as provide friends and allies. Spectrum will make an effort to be a positive force in Damascus High School. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join Spectrum. For more information, please contact, Ana Schobitz, or Mrs Horman.

Science Club

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Jennings ext 2361
Meeting Day(s): Tuesdays in during lunch at 11:25 or after school, depending on the activity — also watch for emails/announcements
Description: Students interested in science meet to perform experiments, watch/evaluate science movies, hear guest speakers, and go on field trips.

Student Government Association

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Voketitis ext 2361
Meeting Day(s): Wednesdays during lunch in Room 231
Description: The Student Government Association (SGA) serves the DHS community by providing students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, promoting positive student-faculty relations, and supporting other student clubs and organizations. Student Government is open to all who want to help out and make a positive difference.

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Think Big Thursdays

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Goldsmith Rm 163
Meeting Day(s): Thursdays after school ~ 3:00—5:00 pm
Description: Open Art session for ANYONE interested in doing art or crafting. You do not have to be in an Art class to join in the fun! Open studio is available to students, past & present, including alumni, parents & community members also welcome. Email or call Mrs. Goldsmith prior to the Thursday session to confirm plans for attendance. or 240-207-2362.

Tri-M (Music Honor Society)

Sponsor (s) Mr. Doherty, Room 118 x 2353
Meeting Day(s): Meets the 4th Monday of every month in 118.
Description: Tri-M Music Honor Society is a national organization that recognizes excellence in musical performance and service.

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Ukulele Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Dickie
Meeting Day(s): as announced in Room 134
Description - anyone interested in learning to play the Ukulele, whether you are a beginner or advanced musician—all are welcome!


Sponsor(s): Mr. Wallich ext 2456
Meeting Day(s): - TBA
Description - UNICEF high school club's purpose is to educate, advocate, and fundraise on the behalf of the UNICEF organization (United Nations Children's Fund). UNICEF works in more than 190 countries to help save children's lives. They provide medical attention, clean water and sanitation, education, emergency relief, and much more! UNICEF's goal is to make the number of children dying from preventable causes ZERO. As a high school club representing UNICEF, our job is to join in on that fight in any and every way we can.

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Veggie Might

Sponsor: Mr. Morgan, ext. 2368
Meeting Day(s): every other Friday, beginning 9/29 in room 11
Time - 11:30
Description - The mission of this club is to help understand the science behind veganism. Understand why vegan diet lowers the risk of obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Club members will participate in feature presentations from experts in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness, environmentalism and activism, enjoy vegan food, and compete against each other at vegan recipe and debates.

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Weightlifting Club

Sponsor(s): Mr. Dow ext 2368
Meeting Day(s): M, W, F 2:40-4:00
Description: The weightlifting club is designed to improve strength and conditioning. It is a relaxed atmosphere where students work out at their own pace. See more information at

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Sponsor(s): Mr. Mark DeStefano 
Meeting Day(s): TBA
Description: Students work year-long to produce the school yearbook, the Scimitar.

Young Conservatives

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Stone ext 2387
Meeting Day(s): 2nd Thursday of each month during lunch Sept - Dec; Room 121
Description: Students bring awareness to conservative values, share and discuss conservative viewpoints. Students discuss news and video clips and have guest speakers.

Young Progressives

Sponsor(s): Mrs. Horman ext 2359
Meeting Day(s): Wednesdays in Room 131 during lunch.
Description: This club is dedicated to the encouragement of Damascus students to debate, discuss, and better understand topics within government, society and within our local community. The overall objective is to inspire open-minded, equitable students and purse the value of forward thinking policy. Getting students thinking progressively, not necessarily in a liberal ideology, but with the value for how we can become more knowledgeable, accepting of different perspectives and form opinions objectively. Meetings are Wednesdays in Room 131 during lunch. Contact info:

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