Yearbook Sale

2022-23 Yearbook Sale

Order your yearbook today Yearbook Online Sales ! Early bird pricing ends February 28th! Soft cover is $25 and hard cover is $30. Prices will increase by $5 after February 28th. Very few extra copies will be ordered, so don't miss the preorder!

Submit Yearbook Photos

The yearbook committee is also looking for photos from the first day of school and field trips. Please follow this link to submit your pics and follow the instructions to complete your upload. Select the appropriate folder in the left column and choose "candid photos" when prompted. While it would be helpful to know who's in the photos (our goal is equal representation among all students), that info isn't necessary to complete the upload. 

We will try to include as many photos as possible, but we are somewhat limited by the size and design of the yearbook. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at and