6th Grade Information


Mr. Steve Orders 


Ms. Belinda Penn
Ms. Lindsey Vernon

Team Leaders 

Mr. Jackson Norton
Ms. Rosie Baek

Our Role 

As 6th grade team leaders, we are very balanced learners.  Our roles include supporting all our students both behaviorally and academically, planning and supporting grade level events, coordinating Outdoor Education and effectively communicating with all 6th grade teachers.

Members of the 6th Grade Team

Emmaris Baretto, Science

Paige Kovach, Special Education

Claudia Cedillo, Language Acquisition

Afua Kyeremeh, Arts

Courtney Courtemanche, Science

Sarah Lanzo, Arts

Laura Crittenden, Individuals & Societies

Christine MacDonald, Individuals & Societies

Alyson Foreman, Math

Kulsum Malik, Language & Literature

Heather Germain, Math

Karen Mitchell-Nurse, Special Education

Beth Hagler, PE & Health

Tarrick Moore, Math

Maria Hardiman, Language & Literature

Mary Saba Tehran, Language & Literature

Clinton Holley, PE & Health

Missy Wal, Language & Literature

Alex Hoover, Science

Greg Weston, Language Acquisition

Steve Howington, Math

Serge Yondou, Language Acquisition

Henry Hummel, Language & Literature

Ivelisse Yordan-Torres, Language Acquisition

Ashley King, Individuals & Societies


MYP In-School Field Trip: 

In March, 6th grade students will participate in Passport Through China Day, which is a cross-curricular event that connect Chinese culture and history across various subjects.  Students will take part in kite flying, a special lunch, and a dragon dance!  

Grade Level Links: 

myMCPS Classroom

Outdoor Ed Informational Site

Math 6 Support





Khan Academy

Interactive Informational Text Practice

Current Events and Issues

Vocabulary Practice:


  • Swift Playgrounds

  • Stop, Breathe & Think

  • Elevate

  • TED

  • QuizUp

  • PicCollage Kids

  • Adobe Spark Post

  • Khan Academy