Physical Education & Health Department

  2019-2020 PE Dept

Content Specialist

Clinton Holley

Physical Education and Health Teachers

MYP Program

Roberto Clemente Middle School is a Middle Years Program (MYP) school. Click here find out more information about the aims and objectives for Physical Education and Health.

Physical Education and Health Curriculum

MCPS Physical Education Curriculum

MCPS Health Curriculum

2019-2020 Health Updates

  1. Health Parent meeting for Family Life and Human Sexuality unit will be on September 4, 2019 before Back to School Night at 5:30pm in the Media Center.

  2. In years past, students needed parent permission to participate in the Family Life and Human Sexuality unit. MCPS has now made participation in the unit “passive.” This means students are automatically enrolled in the unit unless the permission form is returned back with “opt out” of the unit. Each student will receive the letter home for families to view.

  3. 6th graders do not participate in the Family Life and Human Sexuality unit.

MYP Physical Education and Health Design Project

Every student will complete a Personal Fitness Plan twice during the year in Physical Education. Every student will also complete a Health Design Project during their quarter in Health.

  • Grade 6 Health Design Project will cover a Drug Free Lifestyle. 

  • Grade 7 Health Design Project will cover Mental Health.

  • Grade 8 Health Design Project will cover Decision Making.

Physical Education Aesthetic Movement

Every student will complete an Aesthetic Movement routine during Physical Education. This routine may consist of dance, gymnastics, yoga, step, jump rope, or a fitness routine.

Course Offerings

We like for our students to experience a wide range of sports and activities. These units may include….
Invasion Games: Basketball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Floor Hockey
Net Games: Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Pickleball, Badminton
Target Games: Bowling, Archery, Tchouckball, Softball
Fitness: Fitnessgram Testing, Aesthetic Movement

PE & Health Syllabi

PE Syllabus
Health Syllabus

PE Uniforms

PE Uniform order form
Purchase uniforms online.  Students should bring their payment receipt to school in order to receive their uniforms.


Grading and Reporting: RCMS Physical Education combines the MCPS Grading and Reporting Policy and the MCPS Physical Education standards for assessment. 

  • All Tasks and Assessments (90%)

    • Movement Skills and Concepts

    • Health Related Fitness Components

    • Personal Social Responsibility

  • Homework for Practice and Prep (10%)

Google Classroom: In Physical Education and Health, we will be using Google Classroom to post assignments, resources, and provide feedback. Students will be able to turn in homework, formative assessments, and summative assessments on Google Classroom.
How can your child be successful in Physical Education: In order to be successful in Physical Education, students need to try their best on every activity/sport that we cover. It is important that students change their clothes so they are participating safely. Students also need to complete all homework assignments and projects to the best of their ability. Lastly, students need to demonstrate an effort to improve each skill and movement concept that we cover during the year.
How can your child be successful in Health: In order to be successful in Health, students must complete all classwork, homework, projects, etc. by the assigned due date. Our teachers are implementing engaging lessons in order for the content to be learned successfully. It is important that all students engage in the lessons and try their best on every activity or assignment. It is also important for every student to complete their Health Design assignment. Similar to Physical Education, students need to try their best in order to be successful.