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Cherin Hershkowitz


The IB Mathematics Department at Roberto Clemente Middle School aims to prepare all students to be internationally-minded critical thinkers by promoting a growth mindset, and teaching math through real-world applications and challenges. All of the math courses offered at RCMS focus on making connections between math and other subjects, using peer collaboration to enhance learning, providing globally - focused problem solving opportunities, and making mathematics engaging and relevant to students.

Curriculum Information

Math Curriculum

Unit and Topic Algebra 1 Flexbook Links
Unit 1, Topic 1 Linear Equation in One Variable
Unit 1, Topic 2 Linear Inequalities in One Variable 
Unit 1, Topic 3 Exponential Equations in One Variable 
Unit 2, Topic 1 Characterization of Functions
Unit 2, Topic 2 Constructing and Comparing Linear and Exponential Functions
Unit 2, Topic 3 Systems of Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables
Unit 3 Descriptive Statistics 
Unit 4, Topic 1 Quadratic Relationships
Unit 4, Topic 2 Structure of Quadratic Expressions 
Unit 4, Topic 3 Solving Quadratic Equations
Unit 5 Generalizing Function Properties


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