8th Grade Information


Mr. John Robertson


Ms. Nicki Walter (LFI)
Ms. Karen Joseph

Team Leader

Ms. Bridget Blades 
Mr. Curtis Hunter

Our Role 

Ms. Blades and Mr. Hunter are excited to lead the eighth grade team.  As Team Leaders they organize grade level events including fundraising, field trips, the promotion ceremony, and more.  The entire grade 8 team looks forward to working with and supporting all the eighth grade students and preparing them for high school.  We act as advocates and encourage all our students to take full advantage of the specialized programs offered in high school.

8th Grade Parent Night

On February 26, 2020 we hosted an 8th Grade Parent Night where Ms. Blades and Mr. Hunter discussed the 8th grade End-of-Year activities.  Please review the 8th Grade Parent Night slideshow for important dates and information!

Support the 8th Grade!

Purchase a Yankee Candle October 2019 - January 2020
Chipotle Night on September 30, 2019
19881 Century Blvd. Germantown, MD 20874

Members of the 8th Grade Team

Abdelsalam, Danielle

Levy, Randi

Assenza, Sal

Loeffler, Rebecca

Balfe, John

Monroe, Kimelia

Blades, Bridget

Nanninga, Mary

Brady, Roseann

Norton, Jackson

Brown, Ovando

Palank, Michelle

Coleman, Leigh Ann

Robison, Mike

Diaz, Emily

Sands, Susen

Fleming, John

Smith, Gene

Gleich, Elizabeth

Smith, Kelly

Gray, Rich

Smith, Marcel

Holstine, Michelle

Tcheimengi, Joel

Hudson, Dave

Walker, Steve

Hunter, Curtis

Warner, Brad

John, Bernadette

MYP In-School Field Trip 

Maryland: Then and Now:  June 2020

Students will learn everything Maryland through authentic experiences including a jousting demonstration, crab feast, and guest speakers.  Every student will create their own quilt tile, this tile will be a part of the 2019-2020 eighth grade class quilt.

Magnet Program Information

Click here for information regarding High School Magnet Programs

Grade Level Links

Homework Hotline
George B. Thomas Learning Academy

Saturday School is a sixth day of academic instruction with certified teachers in a nurturing and supportive environment. The Curriculum is aligned with that of Montgomery County Public Schools: Grades 1 through 8 focus on reading, language arts and math Grades 9 through 12 focus on core subjects (English and Math); support for High School Assessments; HSA Bridge support available at select sites College and career readiness is emphasized

High Incidence Accessible Technology (HIAT)

HIAT is a collaborative team that applies the principles of universal design for learning to support school teams to meet the needs of all students. Our mission is to provide training and consultation to build the capacity of classroom environments to incorporate technology options for all students

Montgomery County Volunteer Center

The Montgomery County Volunteer Center connects individuals and groups to ongoing service opportunities and one-time projects in our community

Northwest High School Ulysses Signature Program

The Ulysses Program is a four-year program that encourages student-initiated explorations in areas of strong interest. Research skills are emphasized through signature sections of English, history, and science. All course offerings are at the honors or AP level; interdisciplinary connections are encouraged. Through independent and collaborative research and technology-infused presentations, students experience various modes of inquiry while learning to use their minds well. Ulysses students study, create, and achieve in an intellectual and nurturing community of learners.