Special Education Department

Our Mission

The Special Education Department at Roberto Clemente Middle School is committed to being reflective educators who create a culturally-proficient, respectful, and caring learning space where partnerships are valued and instruction meets the needs of all our students through differentiation, IB thinking and well-aligned I.E.P.’s

2019-2020 Special Ed Dept

Assistant Principal

Ms. Kathy Lertora

Resource Teacher of Special Education

Ms. Angela Ackerson

Special Education Case Managers

Gifted-Talented & Learning Disabled (GT/LD) Program
Ms. Erin DeCastro
Ms. Tracee Staples

Learning for Independence (LFI) Program
Ms. Jannine Miller
Ms. Edelweiss Sy Piecco

Middle School Hours-based Program

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Ms. Karen Mitchell-Nurse Ms. Paige Kovach Ms. Susan Quackenbush
Ms. Paige Kovach Mr.Edger Osmena Mr. Gene Smith

Other Related Service Providers

Ms. Katharine Alley (Occupational Therapist)
Mr. Brian Burns (Physical Therapist)
Ms. Stacy Bateman (School Psychologist)
TBA (Speech Therapist)
Ms. Sarah Helton (Speech Therapist)

Paraeducator Team

Ms. Timbriah Brown
Ms. Jeri Crist
Ms. Kirstin Giganti
Ms. Laura Gunther
Ms. Janet Handleton
Ms. Vickie (Nani) Lowery
Ms. Sadia Loya
Ms. Lourdes Mendez
Ms. Edith Nda
Ms. Susan Sprecher
Mr. Benjamin Stano
Ms. Rhonda Thiessan
Ms. Nekia West
Mr. Keith Yaniga
Mr. Matthew Yaniga

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