Young Rembrandts, Looks like a change of plans!


We are excited to announce that we are offering video-recorded lessons this
Spring! This way we can deliver weekly programming directly to students at
home while schools are shut down and after school activities are suspended.
These exclusive videos are developed for at home viewing and learning and
are taught by our Founder and CEO, Bette Fetter. Students will be able to
watch the video at their convenience (up to 5 times), pausing when needed.
The lessons can be completed by elementary aged children with little to no
Supplies needed: 8.5”x11” paper, pencil, eraser, black Sharpie marker,
markers, colored pencils.
Cost: 10 lessons $50
4 Monthly lessons $36
Young Rembrandts teaches children how to draw using an engaging methodology that all children can succeed with. We learn about drawing and art while eveloping academic, conceptual, and critical thinking skills. And yes, we have fun too! Register Now!
Enroll your student today. www.young, 301-620-2995,