Safety Patrols 

Chevy Chase safety patrols help ensure a safe and orderly environment in and around our school. They serve the school community by assisting students on the way to school and back home again on the buses,  and at the crosswalks in the neighborhood. Each patrol is entrusted with the well being of students in their particular area.  Three times each year they help lead the bus evacuation drill required of all MCPS schools. Patrols have an extremely important job to do. They serve every day; no matter what the weather and can be easily recognized by their bright safety belts and badges. These students are chosen for demonstrating leadership, good judgment, and using solid common sense skills when dealing with other children. The safety patrols are responsible for setting a good example and modeling safety procedures for all other students. They show respect for others as they carry out their duties. 

The Patrol Force of Chevy Chase Elementary School of America meets once a month with  Montgomery County Police Officer for continuous training on bus and walker safety issues. Patrols are rewarded for their dedication and service by attending the patrol picnic at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds each June.