General Music

The music program at CCES is aligned with National and State Music Education Standards. The study of music assists in the acquisition of 21st Century Skills. The cooperative learning setting of music ensembles allows students to developboth individuallyand as members ofa larger community.The creativity inherent in the creation or interpretation ofa musical selection fosters creative thinking and problem solving strategies that permeate other facets of life. We encourage and celebrate the personal expression within every child.

 ManionAshley Grantham, General Music Teacher
I am very excited to become a Chevy Chase ES Cheetah! I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA (go Steelers!) but graduated from Sherwood High School in Olney, MD. After attending the University of Delaware with a degree in choral/general music, I moved to New Jersey and began teaching elementary school music. I am extremely excited to be back in Montgomery County and to begin making music with all the musicians of Chevy Chase Elementary. In my free time, I enjoying singing with the Sherwood High School alumni choir, working for the Strathmore Children’s Chorus, and spending time with my dog, Stevey.