Annual Environmental Compliance Notifications

Annual Environmental Compliance Notifications

Asbestos Management Plan


Integrated Pest Management Plan


Lead in Water Testing Program

As part of the MCPS Drinking Water Testing program, all drinking water outlets are tested on a three year cycle.

• Testing was completed at 94 schools in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic health closure at MCPS schools.

• Some schools had at least one drinking water outlet with lead concentrations at or above the Montgomery County Council Action Level (AL) of 5 parts per billion (ppb).

• Adhering to the Maryland Department of the Environment regulations, water outlets with elevated lead concentrations were removed from service. A remediation plan is in progress for these water outlets.

• Upon completion of remediation, the water outlets will be retested to verify that remediation measures were effective prior to the outlets return to service.

• If your school was recently tested, Division of Sustainability and Compliance (DSC) staff will contact you to provide site-specific notification materials that must be sent to parents/guardians of each student attending your school.

• Reports will be posted to the MCPS Drinking Water Testing program webpage

MCPS follows the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendation that all drinking water outlets be flushed daily to reduce the potential for any type of contamination in the water.


Since the late 1980s, MCPS has implemented strategies to prevent indoor radon, based on EPA guidelines. In 2016, MCPS enhanced the Radon Prevention program to include periodic radon testing of all facilities.

• Periodic retesting of MCPS facilities is conducted on a five-year cycle.

• For facilities with elevated test results, periodic testing is conducted on a two-year cycle.

• Testing was completed at 70 schools in the 2019–2020 school year before the COVID-19 pandemic health closure at MCPS schools.

If your school was tested, you will be contacted via e-mail from DSC staff with your test results, which will include any notices that should be sent home with students. Radon testing results will be posted on the MCPS Radon Testing and Mitigation program web page.


Building Caulk and Paint

If your building was constructed prior to 1978, your building may contain other embedded hazardous materials. Prior to any renovation or disturbance of your paint or caulk, DSC staff will assess your facility.


Montgomery County regulations require recycling of paper, cardboard, commingled items (plastic, glass and metal bottles, and cans), yard waste, and scrap metal. Recycling bins with appropriate lids and labels have been provided and placed throughout each school, and there are paper and commingled dumpsters outside the building for consolidation and collection by our vendor. Please remind your students, staff, and community to participate in the recycling program and avoid cross-contamination of material in these recycling bins.

MCPS also recycles many other voluntary products including fluorescent lamps and ink/toner cartridges.