Fifth Grade Online Resources

Keyboarding (Learning how to Type)

Remember to place your feet flat on the floor.  Sit up straight and place your fingers on the home row keys.  Click on one of the lessons below to begin practicing your typing skills.

Nimble Fingers
Super Hyper Spider Typer
Typing Master  



Montgomery County Public Libraries 

Brief disclaimer: these are all booklists put together by outside sources.  I cannot personally vouch for the quality of every book on these lists, but if you're looking for some good ideas for books, these resources are good places to start.

Scholastic book lists and links to award winners 

Education World's summer reading lists by grade level's 10 summer reading lists 

Find information about favorite books, series and authors 

Reading is Fundamental's Booklist for Boys 

Recommended reading for boys from Jon Scieszka 

Best children's books with strong female characters 

Recommended books by subject with brief summaries 

Culturally diverse books with strong female characters 

Books with positive portrayals of aging and older characters 




Math E-Lab - Harcourt publishing has put out a lot of fun, interactive activities that will help review concepts from the math curriculum through Grade 6.  This is a great place to go for self-guided extra help.
Printable Protractor - Can't find your protractor?  Use this link to print one out, cut it (including the space in the middle), and have one ready made!
Interactive Math Skill Builders - All kinds of interactive math games and activities to learn and review all math objectives through 7th grade.
Interactive Math - Hundreds of fun math activities to choose from for all subjects and skill levels.
Math Baseball - Practice your computation skills while playing America's pastime.  The game can be adjusted for all skill levels.
Adjustable Spinner - Practice your probability skills using this adjustable spinner that can be adjusted for all skill levels.  Change the number of spaces and the size of each area before making your predictions!
Discovering Elapsed Time - Practice your skills with elapsed time using a matching game, flash cards, or a concentration game.
Bucky's Blueprints Perimeter and Area Game- Use perimeter and area strategies to build houses, cars, and much more!  You can use various colors for design while computing the right measurements for each part to build.
Interactivate: Perimeter Explorer - Use a randomizing grid to practice calculating area and perimeter.
The Measurement Conversion Game - Use measurement conversions to play this game on a sliding, adjustable scale.
Skillwise Length, Weight, and Capacity Game - Use metric conversions to build a shed with three different levels of difficulty.
Math Test Activities - Test yourself on all sorts of math concepts including exponents, coordinate grids, fractions, angles, probability, and much more!
Individualized Math Worksheets  - Design your own math worksheets for computation practice based on your individual ability level.