Health Room Information

Health Room Staff

Nicole Eyman, RN, SCHN

Carole Folks, CNA, SHRA


Health Room Hours: 9:00-4:00

School Health Services

The school health team is staffed by a School Community Health Nurse (RN) and a School Health Room Technician

(SHRT). The school nurse and and SHRT provide triage, emergency services and first aid. The 

school health room tech works under the license of the school nurse.  Services provided include 

emergency care for students and staff, communicable disease prevention and control, identification of 

health concerns, establishment of health care plans and case management of students with health related 

concerns. For more information about School Health Services, Wellness Centers, or to access important health forms, please click here.

Changes In Health Status/Immunizations

If your child is seen by their healthcare provider for a physical and /or received immunizations, please send a 

copy of the physical and/ or immunization record to the health room. Keeping your child's health records 

up to date helps us to provide appropriate care and ensure that your child complies with state immunization 



The health room is always accepting donations of gently used clothing to provide to students who have accidents while in school and require a change of clothes. Please bring clean, age appropriate clothing to the main office 

or to the health room. 

Information about Head Lice

 When to Keep Your Child Home from School