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Mrs. Jenny Fleming 


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I am so honored and excited to continue as a staff member of the Burning Tree ES community for year two! 

You can reach me at

Check out the services I provide for Burning Tree ES students and families by reviewing my counseling brochure.

This year I am super grateful to have two Counseling Interns, Ms. Scarola (learn more about her here) joined us through December!  We wish Ms. Scarola all of the best as she works with her new school, Somerset ES as their school counselor!  Congrats Ms. Scarola!! Beginning in January, Ms. Guber will join us.

2018-2019 Newsletters:

Check out our Red Ribbon Week celebrations!

Meeting with the Counselor

If a student met with me they receive a follow-up "School Counseling Notice".

Counseling Notice

If you ever receive a notice that I met with your child and/or have questions about my work with students, please feel free to contact me! I do have a private voicemail, we have AMAZING secretaries who will pass on  messages or feel free to email.

Lunch Bunch

Students may be invited to a "Lunch Bunch".  There are also opportunities for students to sign-up for a lunch bunch "just because".  If invited to a "Lunch Bunch" students will receive a note card with the date of their lunch, my signature, and I pick them up from the cafeteria.  A "Lunch Bunch" is an informal gathering for a variety of purposes: to get to know a student/students better, to boost self esteem/confidence, to problem solve, and to foster a positive, inclusive school environment.  Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Small Groups

If your child is invited to a small lunch bunch group, we will meet approximately once a week. Each time I meet with your child they have the opportunity to earn Class dojo points. If your child participates in a consistent small group, you will receive additional info about how to access our weekly agendas and your child's Dojo Report.


School Counseling:

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the things related to school counseling
  • Collaborative for Academic, Social, Emotional, Learning (C.A.S.E.L.)'s Top 10 Tips at Home
  • American School Counseling Association's (ASCA) Description and Explanation of Elementary School Counselors
  •  Play Therapy - A counseling approach which is a great, appropriate developmental match for elementary students.  Here is why.
Mental Health:
  • Bullying E-Book by Casey and Bella
  • Whole Child - An incredible wealth of information about recognition of the child as a whole (social, emotional, academic...)
  • Children's Safety is of paramount importance.  As employees of MCPS, every staff member is a mandated reporter of Child Protective Services concerns.  Check out these tips for pointers on how you can talk with your child and help them stay safe.
  • Mental Health Association, Montgomery County - MoCo's M.H.A. full of a variety of amazing trainings, programs and information.
  • Crisis Support 
  • Youth Suicide Support - A website specifically for youth/young adults created by the National Suicide organization
  • Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is May 1 – 7 in Maryland! Each year, the statewide Children’s Mental Health Matters (CMHM) Campaign connects Maryland families with the mental health resources.  For more information, please visit  
  • Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed 'disorders' today.
    • Check out some parenting tips for supporting anxious children.
    • Here is a parent presentation some local school counselors put together about anxiety.
Parenting Resources:
  • Parent Academy - Educational seminars and information to support parenting skills and knowledge
  • Family and Community - Tons of great resources for all of the families and communities in MCPS
  • Parent Support - Links and information specifically related to parents of MCPS students
  • Collection of Resources - A list I completed of different resources that may benefit you and your child
  • InfoMontgomery - Several important websites about resources in our county all organized in one easily accessible page
  • Military Family Support- Lots of resources for military families
  • Restorative Practices - BTES is embracing the Restorative Justice as part of the "BT Way"
  • Strong Voices is a program that other BT families have enjoyed in the past which promotes girls self confidence.
  • Career Info - Check out some of the cool, innovative ways MCPS is addressing careers.

MCPS Resources:

Activities @ Burning Tree with the Counselor:

  • Thank you to the parents who stopped by the K Parent Tea
  • Thank you to all of the parents who participated in the Wellness Committee!  We look forward to ongoing years of collaboration!

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or areas I can be of support!