About Us

Welcome to the Brooke Grove Elementary School (BGES) website. Our school is one of five elementary schools in the Sherwood Cluster. After fifth grade, most Brooke Grove students continue in the feeder pattern to William H. Farquhar Middle School and Sherwood High School. The U. S. Department of Education awarded Brooke Grove the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence certificate in 1999. Former President Bill Clinton visited our school to present the award to the staff, students, and community.

During the 2003-2004 school year, BGES was included in the first MCPS cohort group that adopted the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as our model for continuous school improvement. The purpose of this program is to create an integrated management system that enables organizations to focus systematically and systemically on performance excellence and continuous improvement. It is the framework we use to understand and improve school performance and student learning. Our goal at BGES is to continue to put Baldrige tools and processes into the classroom to enable students to become co-producers of their learning and accountable for their progress. We have developed linkage charts for reading, mathematics, and writing using input from all stakeholders. The Baldrige Guided SIP will continue to monitor our progress in meeting our goals. We are fortunate to work in partnership with our other Sherwood Cluster schools on cluster goals. We have implemented the data driven process to assess and achive our cluster math goals for acceleration and high achievement.

Our Vision …

Brooke Grove Elementary is a collaborative community committed to the development of a positive learning environment that values diversity, respects the individual as well as the group, and inspires intellectual and personal growth.

Our Mission …

Brooke Grove Elementary School


We inspire learning by providing the greatest public education to each and every student.


Every student will have the academic, creative problem solving, and social emotional skills to be successful in college and career.

Our Core Purpose:

Prepare all students to thrive in their future.

Our Core Values:

Learning, Relationships, Respect, Excellence and Equity

Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) Mission:

We problem solve, collaborate and communicate in order to guide and support a thriving Brooke Grove family.

We are a community …

Brooke Grove Elementary School, located in Olney, Maryland, sits on 11 acres of rural community land and serves students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades 1-5. Our school is bordered geographically by Owens Road to the north, Old Baltimore Road to the east, Route 108 to the south, and Georgia Avenue to the west. The attendance area includes Arden Woods, Ashley Hollow, Brooke Grove, Environ, Hollow Crest, James Creek, Lake Hallowell, Pond Ridge, and the Tamaron Apartments. In 1990, the school doors opened to 400 students and through the next nine years the school population increased to over 800 students. During the 1998-1999 school year, the boundaries were changed and the enrollment decreased to 600 students. In 2000, the enrollment increased to 640 students. Over the last ten years there has been a decline in the enrollment due to the lack of housing turnover and the stability of the neighborhood. There are currently 389 students.

… of Students

Nearly 95% of the students at Brooke Grove are within walking distance to school. This neighborhood school of 389 students reflects a composition of approximately 13% Asian, 23% African-American, 14% Hispanic, and 50% Caucasian. Within this student body, our students speak more than 12 languages, and represent many different countries. Nearly 16% of the students are in Special Education programs, 9% of the students are receiving ESOL support, 36% of students in grades 3-5 are identified gifted and talented, and 22% of the students now or in the past received FARMS. Our daily average attendance is 96% and our mobility rate is 10%.

… of Teachers

Our 18 classrooms, as well as our two reading initiative classrooms, are staffed by fully credentialed teachers and supported by a Principal, a Counselor, a Staff Development Teacher, a Media Specialist, Reading Specialists, Reading Initiative teachers, Resource/HSM teachers, Speech and Language Pathologists, ESOL teachers, an art teacher, music teachers, and a physical education teacher. Nearly 90% of the staff members are designated at highly qualified teachers. Additional staff includes an administrative secretary, an attendance secretary, a health technician, a media assistant, a pupil personnel worker, a psychologist, paraeducators, and building services workers.

We are engaged in building a professional learning community, committed to meeting the needs of all students. Our staff participates in regular team meetings to plan and to coordinate the instructional program to ensure all students are receiving access to the appropriate curriculum for their grade level. The staff serves on school wide committees to monitor our progress toward meeting school goals.

… of Parents

Parents are an integral part of our school community, providing considerable volunteer and financial support. They help organize special events that bring us together as a school such as picnics in the fall and spring, Book Fairs, skating and swim nights, Holiday crafts, a Variety Show, International Night, a school dance, and a Silent Auction. There are parent volunteers who maintain a Birthday Bulletin Board; assist in the cafeteria; coordinate Cultural Arts, F.L.E.S., Mad Science, Room Captains, and staff appreciation; produce communications such as the yearbook, The Eagle’s Nest and telephone directory; and, raise funds with special food sales, Sally Foster, and spirit wear. Volunteering over 20,000 hours annually, parents truly enrich and support every aspect of school life at Brooke Grove.

… that is Soaring to Achieve Success 

We are a community of teachers, students, and parents who work together to create a rich and stimulating learning environment for every child. Our goals include an emphasis on early reading literacy to ensure that every child is reading on grade level by the end of second grade and to provide opportunities for all children to access a challenging instructional program in reading and mathematics through the implementation of programs such as Junior Great Books, William and Mary Reading/Language Arts program, and Hands-on-Equations.

We strive to provide an environment that is emotionally and physically safe for all members of our school community. The counselor works in conjunction with all staff to teach the Character Counts curriculum and to provide recognition for students who serve as positive role models for their peers. The Renaissance Program is designed to motivate, acknowledge, and reward student attendance and outstanding achievement in the Learning Skills area of the report card. There are student clubs such as Student Guidance Advisory Committee, STEP Team, Media Lunch Bunch, Technology Team, Homework Club and a Science Club.

Our teachers work to create child-centered classrooms where children work collaboratively and independently. We are a committed staff, with exceptional services to support the instructional program, and a strong parent community working together as we soar to reach the goal of ensuring success for every student.