Getting Support in the Virtual Setting

We know that many of our students need additional support in our virtual setting and we wanted to take some time to clarify the opportunities for supports that our students have.  

The primary path for support is through your teachers and the time built into our bell schedule.  Students should always start by reaching out to their teachers to identify the best ways of getting support.  In addition to that, here is a listing of support opportunities.

  • Focused Student Intervention- This takes place on Tuesday and Friday from 2:45 pm until 3:15 pm.  You should schedule your participation in this time directly with your teachers.  All teachers are available during these times.
  • Wednesday Virtual Check In time- This is another time that you can set up time to meet with your teachers.  Teachers are available during a department time as outlined on our bell schedule .  Again, you want to set this up with your teacher.
  • Friday Bengal Activity Time-  During our Bengal Activity Time on Fridays (1:40 - 2:40 pm) you may be able to set up time to get support from your teachers.  Teachers may not be able to, but you can check.


  • We have also created a Virtual Support Listing for our students to use.  This form will be updated on a regular basis, but it lists the opportunities for students to receive peer and staff support through homework clubs, honor societies and other groups.  We also have included information on supports such as The george B. Thomas Learning Academy and other resources.that students may find beneficial.