Quarantine and Isolation Support Plan

James Hubert Blake High School 
21-22 Quarantine & Isolation Support Plan (Updated 9/1/21)

As required by the school system in our reopening plans, "At the secondary level, students in isolation or quarantine will have opportunities to connect with their teachers for live check-ins."  This plan has been developed in alignment with system expectations.  This plan has been developed to support students when they have been required to quarantine as a result of exposure to COVID-19 or students who have tested positive but feel well enough to do work.

When a student is identified to quarantine or isolate the school will take the following actions:

  • The attendance secretary will be notified so the attendance can be recorded appropriately.
  • Counselors will reach out to the family to share the plan information and to check to see if there are additional supports needed.  (This will be shared with the student wellbeing team.)
  • Teachers will receive an email from counseling or main office staff indicating which student(s) has been placed on quarantine and for how long.
  • Teachers will then utilize their quarantine Zoom room, during the instructional time that was identified to provide instructional support to students on quarantine or in isolation if they feel well enough.

When a student is identified to quarantine the student and family will:

  • Notify the school (if the school is not aware) with all key information.
  • Refer to the school’s quarantine teacher availability list at COVIDinstruction.blakehs.info/ or each teacher’s Canvas page to plan out their day to connect with their teachers.  Students must use their mcpsmd.net account to access this list.  Please note that these check in opportunities are scheduled when teachers do not have classes so they can support students.  Please note the teacher availability in the sheet linked above.
  • Attend support sessions per the bullet above for live check-in sessions.
  • Continue to stay up to date academically while in quarantine and if possible during the isolation period (if feeling well enough).
  • In addition, students will be provided with the time and support needed to make up work missed during quarantine upon their return as well.

The school counseling and administrative teams are available to support students and families as well.  If a student or family needs assistance please contact the main office at 240-740-1400.


If your child needs a chromebook or mi-fi device please contact Mr. Hall at Timothy_C_Hall@mcpsmd.org or call the main office at 240-740-1400


Meals for breakfast and lunch can be provided. Please contact Sandy Ayoub, Cafeteria Manager with questions or to make arrangements at Sandy_J_Ayoub@mcpsmd.org.