Student Service Learning Hours

SSL Coordinator: Ms. Jessica Conter, Counseling Office

Deadlines for verification forms:

  • Summer hours: Last Friday in September
  • Fall semester hours: First Friday in January
  • Spring semester hours: First Friday in June for 9th, 10th and 11th graders. Monday, May 2nd for seniors.
  • Seniors who want to earn the Certificate of Meritorious Service for working over 260 hours must have their forms in by the first Friday of April
  • Verification forms can be found at -- click on Student Service Learning Activity Verification
  • Credit will only be given for work at pre-approved organizations.
  • To check that your organization is pre-approved, go to and click on SSL community Opportunities, then click on Organizations
  • If your organization is not pre-approved, you must get a pre-approval form signed by Ms.Conter BEFORE you begin the work. You can find the form at --click on Individual Student Service Learning Request
  • Pre-approval and verification forms are available at and in the counseling office.
  • Any questions? Email Ms. Conter at
  • Counseling Office Number: 240-740-1390
Last Updated: 9/7/2018