Special Education Department


Special Education GraphicMaisha Powell - Resource Teacher
-- Phone: 240-740-1400

Lisa Jefferys 
-- Special Education Department Secretary

LAD Special Education Teachers:
-- Tamarah Bowens
-- Zoe Coor
-- Lisa Engelman
-- Rafael Llanes, Transition Teacher
-- Nasser Muhamad
-- Kristian Kompare
-- Kelly McLaughlin 
-- Cashawn Merritt
-- Renee Harrison
-- Neil Serafenas
-- Scott Sussman
-- Victoria Jannetta- Speech-Language

SCB Program Teachers:
-- Scott Forbes
-- Nicole Wescott

-- Alexander Brown
-- Edna Bamfo
-- Darius Boris
-- Amrit Chowdhary
-- Kara Kugler
-- Kristen Liar
-- Marie Yves Latortue
-- Samantha Penland
-- Ferneoh Tamba
-- Isedria Ward
-- Susan Weinstein


Special Education

The Department of Special Services provides support to students with individual education plans across the curriculum. The Special Services Staff include Resource Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Paraeducators, and Itinerant Paraeducators. Blake H.S. offers support in the resource, LAD, and SCB Programs.

Resource Classes

Students may take a resource class that helps to develop and improve such education skills such as organization, study skills, test taking strategies, etc.

Co-Taught Classes

Students with an IEP may take their academic classes in the general education settings with both a special education and general education therefore being exposed to the general education curriculum while also receiving specialized instruction to better meet their learning needs. This must be included on the child's IEP.

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Last Updated: 10/19/18