Middle School Programs

Prior to this school year 2014-2015, the programs were housed at different locations throughout the county (Ewing Center, Lynnbrook Center, and Hadley Farms.  In February 2014, the Board of Education approved the re-design on Alternative Programs.  As part of the re-design, starting September 2014, all the students attending Alternative Programs are housed at the Blair Ewing Center. 

Digital Arts 

Middle School Program:  serves students in grades 6-8, who are not achieving at their potential for a wide variety of reasons, usually including behavior and/or attendance problems, as well as students who have been involved in a serious disciplinary action that warranted a recommendation for expulsion and are referred by the Office of the Chief Operating Officer in lieu of expulsion.    

45-day Interim Placement Program:  students in grades 6-12 are placed in the program as a result of their involvement with controlled substances, serious bodily injury, and/or weapons. Students remain enrolled in their home schools, and the home schools provide daily assignments and assessments.