ESOL at Alternative Education Programs

  ESOL students come from a variety of cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and academic backgrounds. They are tested and placed at one of the following levels; Middle School ESOL Level 1-5 and High School ESOL Level 1-5. Students are tested during the year and are moved from level to level as needed.  


 Department Goals:   

In a welcoming, safe, and supportive learning environment, students will be able to   


  • Develop the English language competency needed to succeed in an academic setting   
  • Build the confidence and language skills required to interact socially with mainstream students and adults.   

Contact Teacher:   

James H. Bong


  MCPS ESOL Resources   


  • ESOL Website:   


  • ESOL in Middle School Program:  


  • ESOL in High School Program:  


  • Services for English Language Learners and their Families: