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MCPS Attendance Outreach and Support Protocol

In addition to problem solving around students with emotional and behavioral concerns, Student Well-Being Teams will coordinate the regular review of attendance and engagement data and will meet on a regular basis.  Strategies will move away from notifications and warnings towards outreach, problem solving, and support.  Regular meetings (led or co-led by the pupil personnel worker) will consider each unique student and family situation.  Recommended outreach and support will consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Unique circumstances of the student or family
  • Previously implemented outreach and support
  • Attendance trends

Outreach Efforts

Student Well-Being Teams will identify which staff members will be responsible for specific parent outreach.  Parent outreach should include:

  • Multiple documented attempts to reach parent/guardian via phone, text, or email during different times of the day
  • Multiple attempts to reach parent/guardian through additional contact information of known siblings or emergency contacts
  • Attempts to arrange to meet the parent/guardian and student virtually
  • In circumstances when all outreach above is unsuccessful, staff members may reach out to known friends of the student

Problem Solving and Support

  • Initial outreach to parent/guardian, designed to:
    • Educate the student and parent/guardian on the importance of regular live, virtual lesson attendance and engagement, or the access of recorded lessons;
    • Informally problem solve to determine why the student is not participating in the live virtual lessons or their recordings; and
    • Provide resources or support to address the issue.
  • More formal problem solving, including parent and student, if appropriate, to:
    • Consider root causes of student’s lack of attendance and/or engagement;
    • Plan interventions to address the root causes; and
    • Plan to monitor impact of interventions and support.