Preparing for 2021-2022 School Year

Throughout the school year, please continue to check this page for updates, links, and communication.

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  • Covid Contingency Plan- Click here to review our plan to provide students with a continuity of learning in the event they need to be quarantined.  Additional information may come directly from your child's teacher or other staff members who work with your child during the school day.  Students will have opportunities to receive live support or assistance during the day.  Students will not be expected to remain on Zoom all day long.  Attendance will be taken in the morning and afternoon through a check-in/check-out process.
  • Back to School Night-  We are currently planning to host our Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 14. Parents will have an opportunity to meet staff, learn about classroom and curriculum expectations, and receive updates about safety protocols.   This event is for parents only.  
  • Typical Day Reminders- The following reminders are important for all parents to periodically review:
    • Students should arrive to school by 8:55 am, but not earlier than 8:40 am.
    • All students must be wearing masks when entering the building or riding a school bus.  
    • Students will be expected to use hand sanitizer as they enter the building.
    • We will have staff members inside and outside the building greeting students. Parents are asked to say their "good-byes" outside of the school building.  Please help us minimize the congestion at the main door.
    • Please remind your child how they will be getting home.  Dismissal begins at 3:25 pm.  Bus riders will be dismissed or escorted to their buses when the bus arrives.  They will remain with their teacher until called.  Car riders will be dismissed first.  A car rider is defined as a student who will be meeting their parents in the car on Luckett Street.  This is also known as our Kiss & Ride.  Parents are expected to remain in their cars during this process.  Kindergartners can not participate in this process.  Walkers will be dismissed through the door by the gym (near the loading dock).  Students who will be walking/biking home or meeting any parent/caregiver are considered walkers.  
  • Chromebook Distribution- Students new to MCPS and incoming kindergarten students will be assigned Chromebooks in September.  We also anticipate providing cases to keep devices safe when/if students transport them between school and home.  Technology will be used to support in-person learning experiences, but are not expected to be the primary tool for receiving instruction.

  • Instructional Schedule-  The lunch/recess schedule (below) is our tentative plan.  Staff will provide additional information about grade level specific schedules.

Grade Level Lunch Time Recess Time
Kdg 11:00 am

11:30 am

1:25 pm


11:15 am

11:45 am

1:35 pm

2nd 11:55 am 12:25 pm
3rd 11:35 am 12:05 pm
4th 12:50 pm 10:55 am
5th 12:15 pm 12:45 pm

Will fall instruction be different then spring instruction?
Yes!  All students are expected to be in the building 5 days per week for in-person instruction.  Technology will be used to support and enhance instruction, but will not be the primary source of instruction.  Additional guidance will be provided later in the summer and shared with the community.  Our hope is that students, and families, will experience a more "traditional" school year.

Will Zoom or MyMCPS Classrooms be used at all during the 2021-22 school year?
Prior to the pandemic, teachers had begun using Virtual Classrooms as a tool to support instruction.  Virtual classrooms housed student resources (text, videos, weblinks, virtual labs or field trips, etc.) for easy student access.  It also served as a way for students to submit assignments and receive feedback, similar to handing in a hard-copy paper assignment in the classroom.  However, the virtual classroom helped reduce the dependency on photocopying or paper allowing the classroom to become a "greener" setting.  Virtual classrooms allow students to access materials when they are working in other physical spaces (e.g. another classroom), are absent, or when there is a substitute teacher covering the class.  Information can also be shared across classes or with families.

Zoom will not be used as a primary instructional tool.  There will be opportunities for Beall staff to capitalize on the benefits of video meetings which include Back to School Night, parent conferences,  Town Hall events, special education meetings, workshops, and other parent meetings that extend opportunities to families who may not be able to participate in-person.  There will be opportunities for families to choose how they would like to participate in meetings (virtually or in-person).

When do teachers return to work?
Teachers begin to return to work on August 23.  During this week, teachers are provided time to begin setting up their  classrooms, meeting with teammates to plan, reviewing student information, and participating in professional development.  Teachers may begin contacting families to introduce themselves. 

When will I find out who my child's teacher is?
Student schedules, including teacher assignments, will appear in the MCPS ParentVue (Parent Portal) around August 25.  Please make sure you have activitated your parent account.  Additionally, as teachers begin to publish their virtual classrooms, students should recieve an email through their student accounts inviting them to join their 2021-2022 classrooms.  

Is the office open if I need to register or have other general questions?
Our regular summer hours are 9:00 am- 3:30 pm.  Please feel free to call 240-740-1220.  If a staff member does not answer, leave a message and a phone number.  Although we will be in the building, all visits continue to be by appointment only. 

How do I enroll a student?

  • Current MCPS families 
    • With ParentVUE accounts:  Register a child for school by clicking on the Online Registration link in the parent portal
    • No ParentVUE: You must contact our main office to recieve your activation letter. 
  • NEW to MCPS families

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our wonderful secretaries, Mrs. Gill ( or Ms. Hardy ( in the office or by email.  We will get back to you if we need additional information and/or to confirm registration.

What resources are available to help parents prepare for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year?  (Note:  many of these resources are from last year.  They will be updated throughout the summer with information relevant to the 2021-22 school year.)

General Description
Join Us Online! 
How to help get your child online for learning and more!
MCPS Website
All systems updates, news, and community messages will be posted on the school system website.
MCPS Re-Opening2021-22 Website
COMING SOON: Review plans, elementary expectations, and answers to other questions related to technology, meal services, and supports.
MCPS Digital Backpack This site includes announcements, parent letters, information about student classrooms and parent portals, and guides for accessing courses.
Synergy- Overview for Parents Synergy is MCPS's new student information system.  Through the ParentVUE, parents will have access to student and classroom information, can update contact information, and can contact teachers directly.
Zoom will be a platform staff may use to supplement instruction remotely, meet with parents, or welcome guest speakers into a classroom.  Currently, it is not intended to be the primary instructional tool staff uses to deliver instruction.

Free and Reduced Meals application

We encourage all families to apply online.  This application must be re-submitted each year.