Third Grade Web Links




Time For Kids 

Interactive games of all levels to practice your reading skills.


Nancy Keane Book Talks 

Free Rice
Check your Vocabulary knowledge while earning free rice for UN World HUnger Program.

Carl's Corner
Scroll down to find a lot topics. Pick one and discover a number of great activties to print out and do at home.

Giggle Poetry
Hundreds of poems to read and rate!

Mystery Net
Mysteries to read and solve.


Test your Math skills in the FunBrain arcade!

A+ Math
Improve your Math skills

Rainforest Math
Pick from the menu to practice your math skills.

Basic Facts
Think you know your facts? Prove it here!

More Fact Practice
Pick your operation and practice your basic math facts.
Use these math games to practice your math skills.

Place Value 

Addition with Base 10 Blocks  

Subtraction with Base 10 Blocks 

Color Patterns 

Factor Tree 

Expanded Notation 

Standard Form 

More Expanded Notation 

Round to 100  

Math Magician 

Identify Place Value
Go step by step through creating a number and identifying value.

More Place Value
Use your knowledge of place value to answer Bill's questions.

Place Value Puzzler
Click on the digit in the correct position.

Place Value Game
Arrange the digits in order to make the largest number possible.

Pick an concept area and find links to games all over the web to practice that skill.

What's My Angle? 

Angle Activties 

Online Calculator 


FBI:Kids Net
Crimonology Links
Crime Lab Chemistry

Crime Lab Chemistry

Mystery Net
Crime Lab Chemistry

Who Dunnit
Crime Lab Chemistry